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What is Artificial Kidney Machines

What is Artificial Kidney Machines


You must have heard about the term “Artificial kidney”. Do you know what is the functioning of this kidney? Well, kidney proves to be a means of purifying your blood and when you meet some kidney failure or impairment, this artificial kidney needs to be positioned in that specific person so as to keep the purification processes normal with that individual. The bioengineered or bioartificial kidneys are bought in use for this purpose.

What is Artificial Kidney Machines

What is Artificial Kidney Machines

After a Kidney Failure:-

Kidneys are located behind the abdominal cavity and at about the level of the bottom of the rib cage and can get impaired due to various processes that result in impairment of kidneys. The process of dialysis is adopted for the cleansing and purification approaches after the kidney failure till the artificial kidney gets available and then the artificial kidney is implanted by the means of a surgery.

Why An Artificial Kidney Is Needed?

If the patient is not kept on a dialysis or is not provided with an artificial kidney, the nitrogenous waste keeps on accumulating in the body of that individual along with the salt and water and may spoil the pH value of the body this way. A kidney failure may cause you a death if left untreated and thus you should go for immediate dialysis and seek for an artificial kidney.

Why Do I Need An Artificial And Not The Original One?

Though a person can survive with a single kidney, but still there is a scarcity of this organ if we keep on waiting for a real kidney to be donated so as to implant it in the patient and thus there is a need to go for the artificial kidney so as to overcome that fact. It is good if you get a real donor, but that cannot be possible with all the cases and thus an artificial kidney is advised.

Know About Wearable Artificial Kidney :-

You have got familiar about the approach called dialysis, the artificial wearable kidney is nothing but a portable and wearable dialysis machine that you can wear so as to go for the regular dialysis when your real kidney gets damaged or impaired. It is a tube like structure that allows the impure blood to pass from it and then purifies it ejecting all the unwanted fluids from it.

There are some devices resembling it that can also be fitted in the impaired kidney so as to make it function well. There are many approaches that have been built scientifically so as to function as a dialysis machine either by repairing the old kidney fixing some instruments in it or by making the usage of a wearable one.


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