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What Is Anus Cancer, its Types and Symptoms

What Is The Cancer of The Anus


Anus is the part of the bowel in the body of an individual and is situated or located in the last one inch of the bowel and the muscular ring at the end of the rectum that opens to allow the stool to exit out or ejaculate from the body of the individual.

What Is Anus Cancer, its Types and Symptoms

What Is Anus Cancer, its Types and Symptoms

Anal cancer is the type of cancer that develops or gets formed in the tissues of the anal part of the body of any individual and may make him distressed along with getting depressed much of the time as her may feel shy to talk about his private parts in front of the other people.

Types of Anus Cancer:-

anal cancer can may be squamous cell cancer or adeno-carcinoma of the anus. squamous cells are the type of cells that are situated on the lining of the anal canal and the adenocarcinoma is the one that makes the mucus move smoothly out of the anus in an individual.

Symptoms of Anus Cancer:-

there are generally no symptoms at all in the beginning of this cancer, while in the later days of developing this disease, bleeding and discomfort in the area of the stool along with the other symptoms like pain, itching, or change in the bowel habits or a discharge from the anus to start out or the lymph nodes to start swelling may become common with the person. having just one or two of these signs does not surely means to be affected from anal cancer but may be found to be something less serious.

What To Do When You Come To Know You Have Anus Cancer ?

when the person becomes doubtful if he is suffering from the anal cancer, the person should consult the symptoms with a good specialist if the symptoms stay for about two or more weeks before thinking about anything or feeling stressed about the disease.

many of the anal infections get developed from the HPV infections in anybody and anal cancer is found in the rarest of the cases. the vaccine for the HPV before getting exposed to the HPV may prevent the infection by some strains of the virus and may reduce the incidence of pre-cancerous lesions in the person suffering from the anal cancer or in the other words, The usage of the vaccine of HPV may reduce the chance of anal cancer.


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