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What Is Anemia and its Types, Anemia Symptoms

What Is Anemia And Types of Anemia


Anemia can be defined as the decrease in the number of R.B.C’s or the red blood cells in the blood of person or in other words we can say that when the number of red blood cells in a person gets decreased the person becomes anemic. Microcytic type of anemia is just the result of the failure of the hemoglobin synthesis. Or it can be defined as a state in which the blood of the person suffering from the disease becomes unable to carry enough oxygen to fulfill the requirements of the system of the body.

What Is Anemia and its Types, Anemia Symptoms

What Is Anemia and its Types, Anemia Symptoms

The symptoms in this disease may vary from minor or vague symptoms to more vigorous symptoms like feeling weaker than before or a feeling of fatigue or malaise or even the ability of the person to concentrate on anything may even be affected.

The symptoms of anemia may include a feeling of tiredness to the person suffering from anemia or inability to breathe properly may occur or the person can’t exercise properly. The cases of intense anemia are treated with erythropoiesis stimulating medications. The person suffering from anemia likes to drink more and more fluids and even remains confused most of the time.

Types of anemia:-

there are three main types of anemia.

The first type of anemia is due to the blood loss in the person:-

the cause of the loss of blood in an individual might be due to the trauma or even the gastro-intestinal bleeding in some other cases.

The second type of anemia is due to less production of red blood cells or R.B.C’s:-

the reason for less production may be due top the lack of iron or deficiency of vitamin b12 or even in conditions like the lassemia.

The third and the last type of anemia is due to more red blood cells suffering breakdown:-

the break down may be due to a several genetic conditions like the sickle cell type of anemia and the malarial infections or some other diseases.

Anemia is the most common disorder that occurs to the human blood. Anemia is more common in females than the males. Anemia remains un-detected in most people that suffer from the disease.

In pregnancy, the females can get benefited with the intake of iron pills that fulfill the need of iron in them and can act as a preventive measure to anemia.


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