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What is Analysis by Paralysis?

What Is Analysis Paralysis


Analysis paralysis is the stage of paralysis that is an anti-pattern or the state of over thinking in an individual in which he or she never takes an action or decision, in response, paralyzing the result. The decision taken in this stage might prove to be over-reactive or complicated with much of the brief options such that the choice among them is never made the person might be in the search of a perfect solution to his problem and may fear up taking any decision that could lead to enomorous results and want to have a better situation to his jeopardy.

What Is Analysis Paralysis

What is Analysis Paralysis

Analysis paralysis can be used to determine the method that information affects the workplace productivity that may be an overload of the physical mails or internet messages or voice mails that make the employees find it impossible for them to make rapid decisions at the workplace.

this also proves to be a problem to the athletics as the athlete fails to react in the response to over-thought and thinks what to do next waiting for the command of his coach or while playing might think what can be done to win and may suffer from analysis paralysis . So basically it is the type of paralysis when the individual is not able to analysis anything and react accordingly.

Types of Analysis Paralysis :-

1. Casual Analysis Type of Analysis Paralysis:-

The analysis paralysis in which the person is able to identify the paralysis but the phenomenon takes place accidentally is known as casual analysis type of analysis paralysis

2. Personal Type of Analysis Paralysis:-

In this type of paralysis the paralysis occurs when the person is trying to make decisions regarding any of the issues and may over-analyse the circumstances and that are being faced by him or her and the person feels over-whelmed with the task and is unable to reach any of the conclusions.

3. Conversational Type of Analysis Paralysis:-

In this type of paralysis, the analysis paralysis occurs when a conversation is going on some topic and the discussion is an intellectual one regarding any of the issues and the people are over-analysing the issue to a point where the issue can’t be determined what it was meant to be. This stage is called as conversational paralysis. These type of conversations intricately get connected with various other issues and the outcome of this conversation becomes zero and gets diverted from the topic and hence is called conversational analysis paralysis.


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