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What is Altitude Sickness and its Best Treatment

What is Altitude Sickness and its Best Treatment


Altitude sickness can be regarded as the sickness that happens to you when you are at the altitudes. It can happen to you when you are at mountain peaks even at lower levels, but gets much intense with height. The symptoms can include headache as well as nausea or the loss of appetite or fatigue or even others like shortness of breath and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help you get rid of this problem in a better way.

What is Altitude Sickness and its Best Treatment

What is Altitude Sickness and its Best Treatment

1. Keep A Bottle of Brandy With You:-

Some people feel a difficulty in breathing when they are on high mountain peaks. They should always keep a bottle of brandy or a hot water thermos with them as It can help them breathe well in this environment. If you are against the habit of drinking, still you can take it in limited amounts to bear up the altitude sickness as a medicine.

2. Hot Milk or Coffee:-

Take enough stoppages at small tuck shops and snack shops in order to get some hot tea, coffee or hot milk for yourself. Drinking such things can help you cope up with new environment and thus you will feel more fresh and active to explore this new world of yours.

3. Driving Companion:-

If you feel like you can have some problem in driving through altitude roads, you should ask some friend of yours to travel along with you or you may even seek to hire a good driver. The roads in areas with mountains and altitude have sharp turns and cuts and one single mistake can turn your travel to mountains in a travel to grave yard. Thus, having a driving companion for adverse situations is recommended.

4. Tablets For Altitude Sickness:-

There are some specialized tablets for altitude sickness namely Acetazolamide and Dexamethasone etc. that you can purchase from some good medical store in order to cope up with the altitude sickness problem. Keep these pills in your bag or pouch so as to avoid any unfavorable circumstances or unfortunate conditions.

5. Meet Some Local Health Care Center:-

If despite of these traveling preparations of yours, you still feel any health problem or sickness associated with you, you can choose to go and search for some local health care provider and meet him. You can add soups and sorbets to your diet to get added benefits. Sit near fire sometime, be clad in a dress enough to let you bear even the worse of climatic conditions.

6. Avoid Going Alone To High Altitudes:-

If you feel breathing problem while trying to explore lower altitudes, never plan to go more high. This can risk you life. When you are not able to breathe in lower altitude properly, how will you survive at an altitude much higher? Remember to hire up a guide so that if you meet any unfortunate circumstances, he may seek some help for you or if you have an added ailment, you can manage to bring your family doctor along with you on your trip as well.


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