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What is Alcoholism?

What is Alcoholism


Alcohol usage disorder or Alcoholism can be understood as the health hazard in which a person gets completely dependent on Alcohol and cannot survive without his or her regular dose of it. When a person starts drinking alcohol in large amounts and that too can’t satisfy him and he chooses to take it regularly for a long period of time, He or she suffers alcoholism and then he or she is not able to leave alcohol and is not able to survive without it even.

What is Alcoholism

What is Alcoholism

Problems Associated With Alcoholism:-

Alcoholism can be associated with many problems, including the brain to get damaged, the thinking power to get affected badly, The immunity to get affected and the damage of heart, Liver or pancreas and mental illness, etc. The heartbeat of such person is also likely to get affected and he is even likely to get mentally ill as well.

When neat alcohol goes inside your mouth and then you gulp it down, It causes much burning like sensation and people still choose to go for it. The sensation only is not just the effects that it causes, but sometimes, it may even result in Wernicke Korsakoff syndrome and thus can be dangerous for you. It has been seen that Alcoholism can increase your risk of liver failure, heart failure and sometimes even may result in diseases like Cancer as well.

Signs and Symptoms:-

The signs of alcoholism may include an increase in rage, temper of the person and the signs of anxiety and uncontrolled attitude will be seen on the person’s face. Such person will try to stay away and reserved in his lifestyle in the day while get vigorous at night. Such person might sometimes take drinks so as to decrease their stress, but then become a stress themselves for others after drinking alcohol. The brain of an individual meets pathological changes and such person starts taking everything with negativity.

What Are The Causing Factors Behind Alcoholism?

If I talk about the main factor that causes alcoholism, It can be taken as Alcohol and thus if we talk about the factors that make an individual get so close to the intake of Alcohol, these might be the social, cultural, and behavioral circumstances that people come across in their daily lives. Sometimes it has been seen that people try to run away from life by drinking it or sometimes if there is an elder member who drinks alcohol, the children are also likely to learn drinking it from him as well.

Some people choose to add it to their lifestyle as a status symbol and some choose to add it as a remedy to get relief from stress. Though a controlled amount is not seen to make much impact, but a large amount can surely make you diseased. The withdrawal symptoms sometimes make it difficult for people to stay away and every time they try to leave drinking it, they start taking it again after some time because of these withdrawal symptoms.


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