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What is Air Pollution?

What is Air Pollution


When because of the pollutants emitted by humans, the air that we organisms breathe in gets contaminated, the phenomenon is referred to as air pollution and this may result in making us suffer from various air borne diseases like asthma what becomes the matter of concern for all. Talking further, air acts as a carrier of these pollutants and these get mixed up with the other states of matter like water as well. This adds to the further contamination and pollution that you may understand as follows.

What is Air Pollution

What is Air Pollution?

1. The Elimination of Smoke and Other Pollutants by Factories:-

The smoke resulting from the factories along with the other such wastes that these factories generate has become a large air pollution causing factor in today’s world. These factories make use of tire and rubber so as to burn them and use as a cheap means to generate fire for production like in the glass bangle making factories and brick making kilns what adds to the air pollution.

2. The Smoke Out of  Vehicles:-

The modern day petrol and diesel based vehicles emit carbon pollutants along with the other harmful pollutants that add to the pollution of air. The pollution that is emitted out of these vehicles has also proven to increase the carbon pollutants in the atmosphere that results in contamination of air we breathe in.

3. Burnt Coal and Firewood:-

The burning of coal for cooking as well as power generation and cooking purposes has also been seen to be associated with generation of pollutants that add to the air pollution. The firewood that is burnt so as to cook food or as camp fire also adds to the atmospheric pollutants as well.

4. Burnt Tree Leaves and Polythene Bags:-

The dead leaves fallen from the trees if burnt generate carbon pollutants that add to the pollution of air. The polythene bags that people burn in their home based chulhas so as to make the cow dung cakes catch fire easily also adds to the air pollution as well and talking about the various other appliances that operate on fuels like coal based iron etc are also causing pollution to the air that we breathe in directly or indirectly to some extent.

5. Cause Of Concern, the Pollutants:-

Talking about a report that the W.H.O published on air pollution in year 2012, the air pollution and carbon pollutants had caused almost 7 million death worldwide which can be seen as a consequence to human health because of air pollution and thus it becomes a cause of concern to all of us as when the air that we breathe in won’t be safe, how can we think of life to exist on earth.

The day is not far when even the earth will be filled with poisonous gases and no traces of life like the other planets if the pollution of air keeps on increasing like this only. The need of the hour is thus to act mature and prevent deforestation and instead plant more trees as trees provide the purification of air and reduce the poisonous gases in the environment as well.


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