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What is Acid Rain for Kids – Acid Rain

What is Acid Rain for Kids – Acid Rain


Often you may have heard your parents and teachers asking you to stay inside when it is the first rain of the season and telling you that this rain is acidic and If you get wet in it, your health might get worse. Children always think it to be one of the tantrums that elders throw to kids when they don’t want them to do something, but talking generally, This rain is really an acidic one though you may not feel it but it can really make you endangered with multiple health problems but the question that arises here is that what is so acidic in this rain? And thus here we have come with an answer for you in this article.

What is Acid Rain for Kids - Acid Rain

What is Acid Rain for Kids – Acid Rain

How Are Rains Formed?

When the water on earth gets evaporated and reaches the atmosphere, it gets deposited in clouds and after it gets cooled, the droplets so formed make rains. If water gets cooled to an excess, the water forms snow or ice and thus we get rains and snow. This water falls on earth, gets collected in the water bodies and then again water vapor formation takes place and this way a cycle gets formed that keeps on creating rains again and again.

How Does The Rains Get Acidic?

The rains when falling from the clouds, get acidic in nature after coming in contact with the atmospheric pollutants that are generated by the chimneys of mills, kilns, our vehicles and industrial processes. Now these pollutants along with the dirt in the atmosphere get mixed with rain droplets and make it get acidic in nature. Now these acidic droplets when coming in contact with anything that comes in their way, falls on it and makes it gets affected with the acidic content and thus can prove to be harmful for us.

How Do We Know The Rain Is Acidic?

pH value is what determines a fluid to be acidic or alkaline in nature. Well, let me make you understand it with some simple words, The liquids that have a pH less than 7 are acidic in nature and those with a pH greater than 7 are alkaline. Though the pH of normal rain water is also slightly acidic as its pH can range from 5.3 to 6.0 but that is due to the reason that it gets acidifies after coming in contact with the carbonic pollutants. Now when the pH value of rain water goes less than the normal pH value, It is said to get acidic and thus you are advised to stay away of it.

What Are The Factors That Generate These Acids?

The acids that make the rains acidic may involve volcanic eruptions that generate a large amount of chemicals, the pollutants emitted by vehicles, burning of fossil fuels, pollution generated by the factories, burning of tires and other sources that generate carbon and other pollutants to the atmosphere. All these activities generate gases and pollutants that go to the atmosphere and when the rain droplets come in contact with these, the pollutants and harmful gases get fused with these droplets to form chemicals.


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