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What is a Tsunami

What is a Tsunami


You can take a tsunami as a seismic sea wave or a tidal wave that is followed with a series of waves in a body of water that is caused by the displacement of a large volume of water. These might be generated due to the generation of Earthquakes by the movement of tectonic plates , volcanic eruptions that cause sea to get waves generated in it and other underwater explosions like the ones done while a nuclear testing or an undersea bombardment or even landslides and the other factors like the impact of meteorites that the sea undergoes are likely to generate tsunami and thus cause a loss to human life as well as property.

What is a Tsunami

What is a Tsunami

What causes a tsunami?

When any of the factors that I mentioned above, causes waves to be generated in the sea by displacing a large volume of water, tsunamis get formed. The wind adds to the intensity and the tides generated keep on getting larger in case of earthquake caused tides. The longer the wavelength gets, the higher the destruction is caused by these tsunami waves.

What Happens In A Tsunami:-

Tsunami includes the sea tides to be generated that are gigantic in size and when they hit the coastal areas, the buildings based in these areas get collapsed. The waves destroy everything that comes in their way, including the buildings, ships and boats etc. The coastal areas get submerged and this way the people who are residing in that area for any purpose meet their death, many fisherman that depend on sea for their livelihood die because of the flooding and coastal areas get submerged.

Examples of Damage:-

The worst example of tsunami can be regarded as the 2004 Indian tsunami that hit its oceanic boundaries and caused at least 2,30,000 along the coastal Indian ocean boundaries and many people, including the boat related sailors and marine related people including fisherman were reported either missing or dead. It can be clearly noted down from the pictures taken of the destruction that even the vehicles of people, including cars, bikes and ships got destructed besides causing the loss of life. Though that property was made again, but those lives can’t ever come back again and thus you can think yourself, the waves that can cause lacks of people meet their doom, how much destruction they can make if they come with a greater intensity.

What Actually Happens In A Tsunami:-

After the gigantic waves get generated, the sea floor gets deformed and makes the displacement of water. The landslides that can cause a displacement of water can also result in the formation of these waves as well. Even sometimes when there is a case of earthquake that travels through the sea route to some country, it can cause huge waves to get generated and it will cause mass destruction when reaching the coastal boundaries. The destruction depends proportionally on the wavelength that the tides get formed with and thus the larger the wavelength of these waves gets, the more destruction is likely to happen in the coastal areas.


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