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What is a Tornado

What is a Tornado


You can understand tornado as a massive storm from the ground to the sky or from the water surface to the sky. It can occur on any surface, let it be the oceanic surface or the ground. These tornados often get massive and cause a huge destruction with the speed of winds more than 483km/hour, tornadoes can be regarded as the most destruction causing natural disasters that earth has got within it.

What is a Tornado

What is a Tornado

Formation of Tornadoes:-

There are certain locations on the earth that are affected the most with these tornadoes, including the parts of America and the other such places. Tornadoes get formed when the climate is much excessively warm, the air is moist and there is a clashing of air that causes moist air to rise upwards that causes these tornadoes to be formed.

Often followed with thunderstorms, these tornadoes can make a huge loss to life as well as property and thus are regarded amongst the top most hazards prevailing on this earth. Scientists are not able to judge the exact cause of it till yet but still they suspect a tornado to be a result of two opposing winds that are moving at different-different speeds and thus causing the rotation of air between them around the horizontal axis.

This way funnel clouds get formed that can be understood as the clouds that are in shape of a tube like structure touching from cloud to the ground or water surface and make tornado get massive.
The thunder storm that is caused makes the rain and hail get pushed down to the tail end and when the bottom part of it touches the ground or water, the tornadoes get formed. The lower part of tornado carries enough dust with it and accompanies with the strong winds that it comes along with.

Effects Caused By The Tornadoes:-

Tornadoes cause a massive destruction in the areas where they are formed. These tornadoes can damage the property, crops and can even make a loss of livelihood as well. The violently rotating column of air that a tornado is composed of, can carry anything with it and every time a tornado is caused, there are many cases of loss of lives as well as property with it. Tornadoes are often referred to as cyclones and twisters due to their twisting like shape and can range in any size resulting from small to even a massive sized tornado as well.

Talking Behind The Scene:-

It is the vague and the speed of tornado that causes more destruction. The dust carried at the lower portion can make anybody go blind and get carried along with it. A massive tornado was reported in fall river country, South Dakota, United States whose pictures can really shred you in pieces watching the intensity that it came with, blowing almost everything with it.


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