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What is a Surrogate Mother and its Definition

What is a Surrogate Mother?


You can understand a surrogate mother as a substitute mother whose womb is taken on rent so as to get the delivery of the baby made successfully when the mother herself is not able to give birth to the baby. This process is practiced much often when the mother is physically unable to bear the pregnancy, labor and thus the couple chooses to hire some other mother to bring the baby to this world. Though she gives birth to the child but still she is not called the real mother and the child afterwards is taken legally back by the real parents.

What is a Surrogate Mother and its Definition

What is a Surrogate Mother and its Definition

Understanding the Meaning of Surrogacy:-

Surrogacy is the process in which a woman agrees on an agreement to get someone else’s baby in her womb for giving it birth by making the usage of the surrogacy technology. The baby remains in the surrogate mother’s womb till it gets born and then it reaches its original parents after making the desired paper work.

Who Is The Real Mother?

If somebody has told you that you are a surrogate child, that does not means you do not belong to your parents and instead you are their child only. It only means that they had to hire some safe place to keep you for some time, so as to make your delivery be made safely and that’s it. You need not panic about that as the couple you have been living with since you were born are only your real parents.

Process of Surrogacy:-

After hiring up a woman to bear the child for a safe delivery, an embryo is created up using the parent’s gametes which involves the original parents, egg and sperm and the surrogate mother’s eggs have nothing to do with this process and she just acts as a storehouse. This embryo that is technologically removed from the original parents is then implanted in the surrogate mother’s womb and she gets pregnant giving a delivery to the baby. The original parents, thus pay her for bringing the baby in this world and take the baby along with them.

Why Is Not Surrogate Mother The Real Mother?

Well, first of all, she had taken the payment and rented her womb for the baby to be produced and it was not her egg that was fertilized with the sperm and instead it was real mother’s egg that got fused by the real father’s sperm and thus the surrogate mother can’t be called the real mother.

Can A Surrogate Mother Claim Over The Child?

If you ask me if the surrogate mother can make a claim over the child, then I will answer,” Obviously No” Surrogate mother makes an agreement in which it is clearly written that she is just renting her womb for money and she won’t ever ask the baby in return and won’t ever make a claim over it.

A legal paperwork is made going by the law that directs the hospital authorities to write the original parent’s name on the birth certificate rather than the surrogate mother as she had signed those papers and these documents are enough to prevent a surrogate mother from making any type of claim on the baby.


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