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What is a Sump Pump and How its Work

What is a Sump Pump and How it Works


You may take a sump pump as a type of pump that is used to remove or exclude the water that has got collected at some place and has caused water logging. Often we see water getting logged into the underpasses, fields, etc. and sometimes when the canals get over flooded, we bring up a sump pump in use so as to remove the water from the surrounding regions after repairing the breakage. The place where the water has got collected is called as the sump basin and often in the areas where people make basement store rooms that get flooded with the sewage water in raining conditions.

What is a Sump Pump and How its Work

What is a Sump Pump and How its Work

The Idea Behind A Sump Pump:-

The basic idea behind a sump pump is to eject out the water that has flooded any area. Water gets sump up this way and is ejected to some place that is in need of it like the fields or open ditches etc.
The basic idea behind these kinds of pumps was to develop an effective and lightning fast pump that ejects and pumps out water with great speed.

Kinds of A Sump Pump:-

There are two types of a sump pump and the first amongst them is the pedestal sump pump while the other one is the submersible pump.

1. Pedestal Pump:-

In it a motor is mounted over the sump. There is a impeller that is driven by a long extension shaft and may last from about 20-30 years. The working of a pedestal pump is based on providing the fuel to the fuel tank and then the fuel generates energy to the pump that pulls up the water pumping it out from the drain. These might also be battery operated ones depending on the specific type of pedestal pump.

2. Submersible pump:-

This pump is directly mounted into the sump and sealed so as to prevent the short circuits. These last less than the pedestal pumps and their life is considered to be half as that of the pedestal pumps. These may prove to be much expensive than the pedestal ones, but are rather associated with much benefits than the pedestal ones.

Submersible pumps are banned at some places like if I talk about India, these ones are banned in the places like Delhi and all other regions with water shortage, but people in the areas where there is no water shortage still choose to get these pumps employed for pumping up water from the earth. These types of pumps are made to function by digging up holes by boring the earth and they are fixed inside it by the means of pipes. Electricity is provided to the pump via means of the power cables and then switching the pump On, it pumps up water from the earth.

Common Thing Between Both The Pumps:-

The basic working of both the pumps is still the same despite of the physical difference and that is to pump up the water applying the electric energy converting it into the mechanical energy that brings out the pump in action and the water gets pumped this way.


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