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What is a Smartphone and its Definition

What is a Smartphone – Definition of Smartphone


You can understand a smartphone as a phone that can give you multiple smart features at a same time besides giving you the features that a normal phone gives. A normal phone gives you the simple features like calling, text messages, java applications or sometimes even video recording and play back and pictures taking by the means of a camera and sometimes even the GPRS facility but these are just the normal phone features and instead a smartphone is equipped with breath taking features, that you can’t even imagine to come up with a normal phone.

What is a Smartphone and its Definition

What is a Smartphone and its Definition

1. Smart Sensors:-

Smartphones are equipped with high class sensors that make these gadgets an awesome choice to rely upon. The gravity sensor enables the screen to get portrait or landscape according to the viewing angle and makes the games like car racing, temple run, etc. to be really realistic what can’t happen with the normal phones. The sensors like proximity sensor that enable the air call answering features and the eye and motion sensors that can notice even your body moves make this gadget an ultra smart choice to make. The other sensors like barometer, a gyro sensor, compass sensor, heart rate sensor, etc. that come equipped in smart phones make them really a smart choice to make.

2. Multiple Touch Response:-

Smartphones are destined to recognize the touch of your multiple fingers and cover the protection standards with high quality display that supports majorly all the colors, giving you a high resolution screen quality and a better touch response. The processors used in these smart devices are rather the High ones and even the Operating System is faster than the normal ones.

3. Multitasking Facility:-

Smartphones are equipped with a high range of Internal memory that makes you store and browse the files within the same gadget and support cloud services as well. There is a powerful RAM equipped in these gadgets that enhances the usage speed and makes multiple applications be able to be opened and worked upon at the same time. The higher the RAM is, the better the working experience and gaming experience gets.

4. Faster Internet And A Computer Like Feel:

The high amount of RAM capability and breath taking features like WI-FI connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, P.C tethering, Hot spot and 3G, 4G and 2G data modes make these gadgets qualify the norms of data speed as well. You can choose to go for a high speed data making use of 3G or even the free data from a shared network with the help of WI-FI the features like Bluetooth tethering and portable hotspot enable you to use internet on multiple devices with the same network.

5. Countless Applications That A Normal Phone Can Never Provide You:-

Unlike the normal phones that lack memory to store applications and low capability to store applications, the smartphones are equipped with high storage capacity and come equipped with special application stores that make them able to download multiple applications and games to make these phones specified according to the usage that you want to make with it.


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