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What Is a Netbook Computer

What Is a Netbook Computer


Netbook is a computer that is generally smaller and lighter in weight than a physical personal computer or laptop and is generally a cheaper cost computer that is reliable and accommodation to everyone.

What Is a Netbook Computer

What Is a Netbook Computer

Netbook, A Substitute To Laptop :-

Netbooks, as the name suggests were made to work on internet first of all but then the companies with a motive to betterment of the gadget provided all the facilities in a miniature way making a way for the improved versions of net books offering excellent options for networking and connectivity to the users. Netbook is generally a small laptop that is not actually a laptop but a mobile with the look of a laptop and what comes along with a smaller screen and a smaller keyboard and a computing power less than a computer or a laptop with a size of about five inches and diagonal to twelve inches.
Netbook weights about 1KG and is often less expensive than the other laptops. Netbook are designed for working on internet based applications and the will to perform all of the functions of a desktop or a laptop. The net book can be called as a miniature laptop but is still a mobile with same functions but a less power than the gadget.

Applications of A Netbook :-

1. Internet and web browsing
2. Gadget portability
3. Word processing
4. Calculations made easy
5. A gadget under budget

Why Do I Need A Netbook?

Netbook is an ideal for students of any class as they need a computer just for minor jobs such as to complete their project file in Microsoft word or to make a PowerPoint presentation or to listen to music or for simple calculations or to have some fun on social networking sites in their leisure time or to search web for some useful information on their syllabus or to view results of some exam or to fill some forms etc. with a device that comes under their budget and what can be afforded by them.

Limitations of A Netbook :-

Netbook has some limitations including the one that it does not have some of the functions that a desktop offers to its user or can’t be used for heavy or advanced version gaming. Moreover the gadget does not supports any 3G network yet as the tablets or computers offer and they do not have any optical drive, though they may or may not have a Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi in them but have a slimmed down operating system and a micro chip like software and thus are beneficial for students from school to college. The net books work on windows Linux or windows XP home edition but are not able to operate on a windows XP professional version or the latest version operating system and thus can’t prove to be a competition for the laptops and tablets.

Netbook is ideal for you if you are a student or your cyber needs are limited and you want the gadget for just some school or office work. You can’t expect much from a mobile device but the net book versions like ASUS EEE PC or the HP MINI 1000 or the ACER ASPIRE LOVE have proven to create a history by record breaking sales in the market of net books.


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