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What is a Microscope and Microscope Parts

What is a Microscope and Microscope Parts


A microscope is a device that magnifies the microscopic or extra small object that we cannot view with naked eyes and makes us able to view it in a better way. There are several kinds of microscopes, but the results and working is almost the same with all of them and that is to magnify the cells or microscopic organisms and other microscopic objects and then make us able to view and observe them so as to reach certain conclusion. The parts of a typical microscope may be regarded as follows:-

What is a Microscope and Microscope Parts

What is a Microscope and Microscope Parts

1. The Eye Piece:-

This one is the part of a microscope that we use so as to bring our eye close to it and look with an eye through it. Obviously the eye piece is fixed up at the top portion of the microscope apparatus and we make a use of it so as to look the slides. Eye piece has got a lens fixed in it that we make use of so as to look with the microscope.

2. The Microscopic Slide:-

These ones are the rectangular glass portions on which the microscopic object, cell or any other thing that we need to examine under microscope is kept so as to examine it from the eye piece bringing our eyes close to it.

3. The Microscopic Tube And Arm:-

This one is the metal tube that connects the eyepiece ( the looking part) to the objective lenses. The job of a microscopic arm is to support the Microscopic tube and connect it to the microscopic base.

4. The Microscopic Base And Illuminator:-

The microscopic base is the bottom part of the microscope that supports all the other apparatus on it and talking about the illuminator, This one is a source of light that is placed so as to focus the light photons in the microscope. This one has the function to reflect light from the external source to the bottom part where the slide is kept.

5. The iris and rack stop:-

Iris is also called as the diaphragm and this one is a disk like object that has got holes of different sizes in it and is used to make the settings regarding the intensity and size of the cone of the projected light that is made to reach upward the slide. Talking about the rack stop, it can be taken as a sort of adjustment that helps us to reach a conclusion how near the objective lens can come to the slide in which the microscopic object is placed.

6. Microscopic Condenser:-

This one is a small lens that may have a power variable with each unit like the longest one has got the high power and the smallest one has got the smaller power. The function is to focus up the light to the specimen and

7. The Turret and Lenses:-

This one has got two or more objective lenses on it and can be rotated so as to bring about the desired change in power. Talking about the objective lenses, these ones are retractable and when hitting a slide, the slide will get protected.


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