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What is a Meteor?

What is a Meteor


Are you fond of watching English movies? You might have heard the word meteor and meteor showers that the space based guys talk about in their space travels while revolving the galaxy exploring the planets. You must also have heard about this term while listening to the space based news on your television as well and If you are a science student, you must have got a clue for what am I talking about and in this article we will discuss all about this heavenly creation called meteor.

What is a Meteor

What is a Meteor

The Basic Definition of A Meteor:-

A meteor is a part of an asteroid that keeps on orbiting the sun. asteroid may refer to as the comet and a part of it is referred to as meteoroid or a meteor. It is a natural phenomenon that whenever a celestial object will enter the earth’s surface with much speed, It will either catch fire or explode. Same happens with a meteor as when it enters the earth’s atmosphere, it catches fire and thus gets burnt most often even before reaching the ground surface.

Composition And Mother Place:-

You might have become curious to know from where these meteors come from and what are they composed of right? Well meteors are a part of comet and the meteorites are the rocks that get broken off from the asteroid belt that is situated between the planets Mars and Jupiter in our galaxy. These are composed of dust and ice and may contain minerals or gases, etc. or even both in them.

When they enter the atmosphere of our mother earth, they catch fire because of the reason that I mentioned above and then they get disintegrated this way. This leaves a trail that gets visible to us for almost three to four seconds and we regard it as a shooting star.

Meteorite and meteor shower:-

The meteors or meteoroids that reach the earth’s surface without getting disintegrated are referred to as meteorites. The meteors often come in the contact of earth’s atmosphere in the amount of millions each day, but when earth is close to a comet, the amount gets increased what we refer to as a meteor shower.

Example of A Meteor:-

Whenever you see a shooting star, you choose to make wishes as it is believed that your wishes get fulfilled if you close your eyes seeing a shooting star and make wishes. Well stars are actually the sun that are far away from us and hence prove to look twinkling and the stars that appear to be shooting to us are not stars and not even sun, but the meteors with fire in their tail which they get after coming in contact with the earth’s atmosphere.

Why Do Meteors Catch Fire?

After the meteor enters the earth’s atmosphere, It is much likely to catch fire in a way that the speed is quiet high and aerodynamic heating takes place because of it that causes the meteor to catch fire and thus people refer to it as a shooting star as when they watch it from a distance standing on earth, It looks like a star is shooting.


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