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What Is a Internal And External Hemorrhoids

What Is A Hemorrhoid


Hemorrhoids refers to the disease or the state of a person in which he swollen blood vessels get developed in the area of anus and the rectum. The pile veins are situated in the lower most part of the rectum and the anus of any individual that often some times get swelled up and the vein walls get thin enough and stretched. The individual in this state is often irritated by passing the bowel movements.

What Is a Internal And External Hemorrhoids

What Is a Internal And External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be of two types namely :-

Internal hemorrhoids:- the first type of hemorrhoids is an internal type of hemorrhoids. As the name suggests the internal type of hemorrhoids are located far inside the rectum of the individual suffering from the disease that he does not even sees or feels it. These type of hemorrhoids do not usually hurt the person as there are some pain-sensing nerves in the rectum that do not allow it.

Bleeding in the stool is the only sign that the person is suffering from these type of hemorrhoids. Some types of hemorrhoids may even hurt (prolapsed hemorrhoids) as they get irritated with the rubbing made by the clothes and sitting position of the individual.

External hemorrhoids:- the second type of hemorrhoids is the external type of hemorrhoids. As the name suggests, the external type of hemorrhoids lie within the anus of a person and are not comfortable to the person. If this type of hemorrhoids is to the outer part the individual can see and feel it.

Blood clotting often occurs sometimes with the area of hemorrhoids with the person that causes an unbearable pain to the person, if the person finds it impossible for himself to bear the pain of these type of hemorrhoids then he can go for a surgery that proves helpful in eliminating the pain. The hemorrhoids in this area and this state can look dangerous to the person and often turning purple in colour and may even start bleeding but these type of hemorrhoids are not much serious as they get resolved by themselves within seven to eight days.

Bleeding in the anal area needs to be evaluated as soon as possible as it may even take the person’s life by causing a serious condition i.e. Colorectal type of cancer to the individual. Though associated with anal bleeding in most of the cases, hemorrhoids are rarely dangerous to a person but an efficient diagnosis and treatment is always the need of the hour.


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