What Is a Falling Star and Myths and Reality

What Is a Falling Star and Myths and Reality

What Is A Falling Star


Whenever we see a falling star, we start making wishes, but actually this falling star is not a star and even the stars are not actually the stars. Science is full of complications that can leave your mind puzzled within no time. Well, we won’t let you remain puzzled as readers are always a writer’s great friend and this is why we are here to clear all sorts of puzzles that your mind is left with. Now let us get a bit deeper and clear all the sort of differences to get the answer to this question of yours.

What Is A Falling Star

What Is a Falling Star

What Is A Star?

If you ask me what a star is, I will simply answer you that star is a sun. And if you ask me then why does it twinkles and does not shines brightly, I will answer you that the sun that we see in the sky is the nearest to us and this is why it is seen and the others are much far away which is why these are seen just twinkling.

Why Are The Stars Not Seen In The Morning?

Well, in morning and during the day, the sun nearest to the earth is in the sky and the rays that fall over the earth make the rays from other sun’s or the stars get hidden due to the scattering of the nearest sun’s rays and at night when there is dark and even the nearest sun’s rays are also not falling, the far off situated sun’s get a chance to twinkle and show their presence. The twinkling of stars is due to the fact that their light meets various distractions before reaching us.

Now What Is A Falling Star?

Falling star is neither a star nor even a sun and not evens another planet. This one is basically something that is coming towards the earth with a great speed. It is the nature of the heavenly bodies that when they will try to move with a great speed, they will catch fire just before entering the earth’s atmosphere. The shooting or falling stars are basically the meteors that try to enter the earth’s atmosphere and when they try to do so, the tail catches fire. Most of the meteors get burnt entirely before entering the earth’s surface and this is why we call them shooting stars watching the tail that is seen glowing in the sky and then vanishing all of a sudden.

Raising The Curtain From Myths And Reality:-

Earlier, when the people used to be not so much educated, the age was of orthodox beliefs and people just used to name the phenomenon’s the way they used to experience it with their eyes as there was no source of exploring the sky, but after when the space missions were launched and various astronomers and space researchers gave their theories, the curtain was raised from all the such myths and there was a new reality introduced to people which I have mentioned in the upper lines.