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What is a Democracy?

What is a Democracy


If you are an Indian, you must have heard that it is a democracy. This might fill your mind with countless thoughts about what a democracy is and what is such a thing that makes it counted amongst the top most democracies of the world? Well here we have come to clear that doubt of yours by explaining what a democracy includes in it that will make you understand the essence of democracy in a better way.

What is a Democracy

What is a Democracy?

The Basic Definition of Democracy:-

Democracy can be defined as a system of government in which all the people are involved in making the decisions for the welfare of a country. Unlike dictatorship in which a person rules over the country and takes decision for them or unlike the rule of king over a country in which nobody can raise a voice against the king, democracy is a fair form of government that starts with the people and ends with the people.

Government To The People, For The People And By The People:-

Democracy is a form of government that is made to the people, for the people and by the people, which means it is we the people who choose their leader and make him win elections to represent us as our leader and the leader chosen by us works for our welfare only and we can change him any time we wish. All the rights of people are protected in this type of government and thus it is called a democracy.

There is a dedicated team of ministers that get elected by people after the process of polling in which people go and vote for the representative of their choice and the leader that they elect goes to that team of leaders and represents those people putting forward their needs in front of the house. The house than makes decisions about how the desired improvement will be made and then an allowance is given to each minister to solve those problems by getting amongst people and solve their problems.

All this procedure is done keeping the common man’s welfare in kind and even if those ministers do not work for the people, the common man can refuse to vote for that specific candidate and this way the minister who does not work for the people gets eliminated from the house easily.

People have all the power:-

Unlike the dictatorship in which the power lies in the hands of a dictator, democracy is a fair form of government in which people have got the power. You must have heard about “Hitler”, who was a German dictator? Well even if you have not heard about him let me tell you that he used to kill people who used to oppose him by making them get imprisoned in the gas chambers. This can’t happen in a democracy as all the power lies in the hands of common man out there in a democracy.

Goals of A Democracy:-

A democracy keeps the goal at maintaining the legal equality amongst the people. All people have got some rights in this form of government that are mentioned in the law and each and every individual is treated equally before it. There is a political freedom amongst people that means they can choose any body and make him stand for their own welfare. A democracy sees every one with an equal eye and makes the judgment that are never biased.


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