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What is a Debit Card?

What is a Debit Card


A Debit Card may be referred to as a plastic card that can be used so as make transactions in an electronic way. These cards are specialized to be used with an electronic screen which is preferably touch screen and these are preferably used to make purchases online and to get money withdrawals made using an electronic machine. The VISA card that you use with various banks can be regarded as an example of such Debit card that can be used to make transactions online over internet as well as through some dedicated ATM machine as well.

What is a Debit Card

What is a Debit Card?

Why Debit Cards?

Debit cards are the easiest and fastest means to make transactions. Unlike the banks in which you have to stand in a cue for hours so as to get some money withdrawn, you simply need to get it deposited once in your account and you are able to make transactions sitting anywhere let it be your office or home. You can make online shopping or you may send money to some friend of yours. Let it be anything. All gets possible with the debit cards. Now you no longer need to carry paper money with you and instead plastic money in the form of debit card is enough for you to make payments.

Features of A Debit Card:-

A debit card can be used anywhere. At a petrol pump to pay for the fueling purpose or to make application purchase at the play store. You can do online shopping with various websites like ebay, home shop 18, Flipkart, etc. and this way it proves to be the cash manager for you. You can choose to purchase movie tickets for various PVR’s as well as it helps you to make online recharges.

Gone are the days when you had to stand in long lines so as to get your recharge done and instead it gets done in a couple of minutes if you get it done with the debit card using applications like Freecharge etc. It may be anytime of the day, you are always free to withdraw money from the dedicated ATM booths using these debit cards and thus it is simply power in your hands.

Process of Making A Transaction:-

In case of debit cards, the process of making transactions is quiet easy. You just need to go to the dedicated debit card booth or ATM machine booth and with a single swipe of your ATM or debit card, you get able to make transactions. The process follows a simple entry of pin code that is known only to you and this pin can be changed any time so as to have added benefit from your card.

Online Shopping Made Easy:-

Your debit card makes online shopping easier for you. Simply go to any online website, enter your credit card details that they ask you and the one time password will be sent to your mobile which can be entered so as to make transactions and make purchases. Online shopping thus gets easier with the usage of debit cards this way.


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