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What is a Constellation?

What is a Constellation


If you are a student of astronomy, you will see constellations as a simple group of stars that can be pointed to make an imaginary shape that we refer to by taking names. A constellation is a specific area in the sky and all the specific stars that come in this region can be used to make a dotted representation of some real life thing so as to name it up like that we do with the Ursa minor which is again a group of stars that we refer to as constellation.

What is a Constellation

What is a Constellation?

The Basic Definition of Constellation:-

The group of stars that give a twinkling dots like appearance in the sky are referred to as constellations. These groups of stars can be used to make imaginary lines in the sky and represent a specific shape on which we name them. There are 88 officially recognized constellations in the sky and these may be seen in specific areas in the sky depending on the time they are generally seen. The names of some of the constellations are Ursa Minor, Great Bear, Orion etc.

Examples of Constellation:-

If I give you some examples of constellations, one of these is the Ursa Minor or what we call as the Sapta Rishi in Hindi. Ursa Minor consists of seven stars that are organized in a specific shape that directly points to the pole star. If I talk to you about Orion constellation, it will be in the form of three stars that are in a row and is commonly seen in the winter evenings.

The Idea Behind Dividing The Sky In Constellations:-

In earlier times, when there used to be no sign boards to travel, the travelers at night used to make an estimate of directions by viewing the stars and as all the stars keep on twinkling in the sky and are exactly the similar in shape as well as size, It was tough for them to remember the position of each star. Later on the concept of constellations got introduced that helped people to recognize these stars.

The Astronomers students finded it difficult for them to recognize the stars and their positions earlier, but then the concept of constellations was organized and people started pointing out the imaginary figures in the sky that were based on specific imaginary shapes and these shapes were then bought in use so as to recognize the stars in a better way. Like as what I told you about the Ursa Minor constellation, you can easily figure out the pole star using this constellation.

The Sky Atlas:-

Just like there is a map based atlas that enables you to figure out the various areas on the maps and designate the particular countries as well as states, the sky atlas may help you figure up the constellations and their changing positions in the sky. The sky atlas deals with the specific patterns in which these constellations get formed in the sky and the way how they keep on changing their positions at a specific point of time in the year.


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