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What is a Comet and How are They Formed


A comet is basically a heavenly body associated with big tails and these are generally a part of the planets and stars that left these as a part of them. For example Halley’s Comet is an example of such a comet.  There is a kind of Oort cloud that these comets keep on floating around while in the starting when these originate as a big chunk of rocks and ice. In order to know more about comets and illustrate what it really is, let us get a little bit deeper and acknowledge ourselves regarding the same.

What Is A Comet

What Is A Comet

1. Why Is There a Tail with Comet:-

Suppose a large passing body with a characteristic gravity enough to pull the comet passes nearby, the comet is pulled by it and is headed towards the sun. Now, as we all know that sun is warm or hot in nature, this tail gets formed as a product of the heat that the sun will apply to it.

2. What Decides the Path of a Comet:-

The path of a comet is decided by the gravity that applied a pull to it. The gravity from all the planets and stars that it passes is enough to make the path decided for it and the comet will keep on moving through that decided path with its tail that gets formed because of the solar winds. Most of the gravity that affects its motion is because of the sun.

3. What, When The Comet Gets Close to Sun:-

As the comet will get attracted to the sun, it will start moving even faster and more faster and ultimately its tail will also keep on growing in length as well. The more it gets closer, the more will its length gets and ultimately it will turn to ashes.

4. How Is a Comet Seen:-

We on the earth can be able to see a comet with the help of laboratory based telescopes. There are various studied comets and almost all of them are constituted of ice that gets melted and ultimately get dispatched to gases and ashes out of the solar winds that will blew it off. We are not able to see it getting burnt, but instead only a tail is visible to us.

5. The Gravity of Sun And Other Planets:-

As I told you earlier as well that it is the gravity of planets or the stars that it passes along with that attracts it and takes it out of the region where it was residing and then the gravity of sun attracts it towards it and then ultimately the sun will keep on attracting it till it is not vanished in the form of gases.


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