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What is the Most Common Brain Tumor in Adults

What Is A Brain Tumor


A tumor that gets formed in the brain of an individual is called as brain tumor.it is also known as intracranial neoplasm that occur when the brain of an individual gets filled up with abnormal cells. There are two types of brain tumors namely malignant and benign or cancerous and non-cancerous brain tumors.

What is the Most Common Brain Tumor in Adults

What is the Most Common Brain Tumor in Adults

Malignant tumors can be further divided into primary tumors and metastatis tumors. Primary tumors are the one that start within the brain and metastatis tumors are the ones that get spread somewhere else. The symptoms involved in either of the brain tumors depends highly upon the location of the part involved in it, including head ache, problems with sight. Vomiting to occur and seizures and unexpected mental changes may start to occur.

the headache starts up in the morning and resides till the person vomits. other symptoms may include difficulty to speak or inability to walk and a problem with sences may occur. Brain gives all the commands to our sences and thus this cancer may even result in malfuctioning of the sensation and with the further increase of cancer, unconsciousness may start to occur with the patient.

Risk factors in this type of cancer generally involve countless genetic syndrome namely Neurofibromatosis and being exposed to the chemical vinyl chloride may also result in developing the risk of it. epstein-barr virus is also counted to be at a risk of developing brain tumor and being exposed to ionising radiation also puts you highly at the risk of developing this type of cancer. some even say that the excessive usage of mobile phones even puts you at the risk of developing brain cancer but there is stll a lack of evidence in that case.

The most occuring brain cancer forms at a primary stage in adults are namely meningiomas and astrocytomas like glioblastomas while in lower age group it is of type medulloblastoma.

To diagnose a brain tumor, approaches like medical examination followed by ct scan or MRI scanning may be done then confirming it by making a patient undergo biopsy and then grading of tumor is done based on the results that follow. Surgery even might helpful in some of the cases though it is always adviced to take it at an other side and not to use it till it does not become much necessary to do so being followed by other approaches like radio therapy and chemotherapy.


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