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What is a Brain Hemorrhage?

What is a Brain Hemorrhage


Hemorrhage means bleeding and when it is the case of human brain, It simple means bleeding associated with the brain. It can be taken as the condition of a stroke in which any artery in brain meets damage that causes bleeding and thus as a result the brain cells get killed and die as an ultimate result. These bursting of arteries in brain causes the hemorrhage and as a tissue is composed of cells, when the cells will die ultimately the tissues will also meet an irritation that reduces the blood flow and ultimately the condition of the associated individual keeps on getting worse with each coming day.

What is a Brain Hemorrhage

What is a Brain Hemorrhage?

Get Familiar With The Terms:-

First of all, let me tell you that arteries are the blood carrying vessels that carry blood away from the heart and most of them carry oxygenated blood in them. Now these arteries are present in brain as well and as they are having blood in them, when they will burst, it will cause bleeding.
The cell which we regard as the basic structural and functional unit of life results in the formation of tissues that act as an intermediate between an organ and cells.

Brain is an organ and the tissues in it are composed of cells. Now all these are dependent on each other as brain is the complete organ while arteries and tissues are a part of it. The cells are the smallest unit of a tissue and when the cells will die, ultimately the tissues will die and when the tissues will die, the entire functioning of the particular organ will get affected this way.

The Phenomenon Associated:-

As I told you earlier, the bleeding will occur because of the bursting of arteries in any part of the brain and then as the cells die, this will cause a sort of irritation related with the tissues and hence a sort of swelling will take place in these tissues.

The blood resulted will get collected inside in a mass that we refer to as hematoma and then the pressure will keep on increasing in the case of surrounding tissues as well. The blood flow will meet an impairment and the brain cells will ultimately meet their death.

What Results In This Condition?

The bleeding causes hemorrhage, this is clear to all of you till yet, but to know what is the causing factor behind this phenomenon, you will need to go a little bit deeper into the matter. This condition in an individual may be a result of brain related trauma or any other brain related injury. Sometimes the blood arteries get weak with various processes and ultimately meet a breakdown that takes place, making them burst and what results in becoming a causing factor behind this condition of hemorrhage.

Signs of brain hemorrhage:-

The signs of brain hemorrhage in an individual may include the brain functioning related disorders like chronic headache and vomiting. Some of the patients might even reach the stage of coma in which the body gets paralyzed as the brain does not gives any command to the body. The bleeding relates in the results that result from the abnormal functioning of the brain.

The symptoms may be minute in the starting but will get more acute after the neighboring tissues will also start suffering the same. Some cases might even be associated with the disorders with the normal functioning of the body and senses may get disturbed as well. Such a person will not pay a response even if pinched hardly if he goes to the state of coma.


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