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What Happens While Doing Meditation

What Happens While Meditating


Meditation has been defined as a practice of attaining mental peace and empowering your brain so as to make it energized. Some even say that meditation is so powerful that a regular practice of it can teach you how to have a control over your senses and system besides being healthy. There are various levels included in this process and all of these are of the same signification and specification as the others. To know what happens when we are actually meditating, let us make you familiar with various aspects involved in it.

What Happens While Doing Meditation

What Happens While Doing Meditation

1. Achieving the Inner Silence:-

The first step that you have to go for while meditating is to attain a perfect sitting position and after you have occupied your seat in that position and closed your eyes, the first stage that you would experience will be achieving the inner silence. You would have to keep quiet and try to listen the silence that is inside yourself.

2. Relieving from Stress and Fatigue:-

After you will try to dodge your soul and hear the inner peace and quietness, the stage would make you get relieved against the stress as well as fatigue. This level would be spiritually more than physical and thus your soul will be in harmony with your thinking in such a stage.

3. Attaining A Kind of Control:-

Some meditators even try to achieve a kind of control over their senses while meditating. They say that a strange kind of power is felt while doing so and even your mind gets surrounded with positive vibes in such a position. Some even says that this level of meditation helps you promote the health of your brain and makes your thinking power enhanced besides this.

4. Emotional Regulation and Response Control:-

Talking to a habitual Meditation practitioner, I asked what happens when they have attained such a level of meditation, he said that after you have been meditating for a while, it becomes a world of emotional regulation and response control. This means the whole control of your mind and to keep yourself in your own control.

5. Results in Long Term Structural Changes with the Brain:-

Another habitual meditation practitioner also made a remark that meditation taken as a regular job to be completed can result in long term structural changed with the brain and thus may put a positive impact on it as well. People because of this reason only are moving towards meditation as it appears to be a healthy way of dealing with their brains to them.


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