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What Happens When we Sleep too Much

what happens when we sleep too much


Sleep is a stage of a person’s life when he attains a state of rest while his eyes are closed and he or she does not remember anything or is in his or her world of dreams. The body is functioning, but the person is sleeping and while you are sleeping, you actually attain a state of rest that makes you feel energized for the next day’s routine. In order to understand what actually happens when you are sleeping, you would have to understand what are the various stages that our body undergoes while in this process and this can be understood as follows:-

what happens when we sleep too much

What Happens When we Sleep Too Much

1. When You Close Your Eyes:-

When you are lying comfortably over the bed with your eyes closed, there a stage is achieved by the body that we call as a complete state of rest in which the body is not aware of what is happening around. This is what we call as the state of rest or sleep. The temperature, lightning and noise conditions are likely to affect it. The cooler the temperature, the better you fall asleep. The lightning and sound conditions should also be observed.

2.During Deep Sleep:-

Now, after you have been sleeping for quite much time, there a stage is achieved that we call as the deep sleep in which the eyes start moving much rapidly and it may reach up to 30 minutes at a time repeating every half an hour. The dreaming that occurs happens during this time only.

3. The State of Body:-

During the state of deep sleep, the body is not aware of what is happening around. You might not even be aware if someone takes the blanket removed from you in such a state. In case you have got a good memory power or if you had eaten some dream memory boosting food, you can easily be aware of the dreams that you had seen. After this state, again the sleep gets weak and one can easily gets waken up with a slight turbulence happening around.

4. You Can Call It a Deep State of Relaxation:-

The deep sleep can be called a deep state of relaxation when we are not awake but the organs in the body are functioning. The respiration is going on and even the heart is still pumping. The body organs stay active, but the individual is actually in the state of rest.

5.  When the Sleep Gets Broken Up:-

After the period of deep sleep ends and there comes a period of weak sleep, one can easily get awakened with a slight turbulence. The dreams that come in this period are easy to remember. In some cases it has been seen that the individual won’t be sleeping in such a stage and would be aware of all what is happening around, but the eyes would still prefer being closed and thus the person will keep on lying over his or her bed in such a situation and after he gets waken up, the sleep would still be persisting but would go after a while. In case the person was drunk while he or she slept, slight traces of headache can also be felt.