What Does Smoking Cigarettes Do to You (6 Steps)

What Does Smoking Cigarettes Do to You

What Does Smoking Cigarettes Do to You


These days there is a large group of people who are in the habit of smoking cigarettes and these are either the ones who seek to smoke it either in order to use it as a status symbol or these are the ones who fall a prey to bad company or simply start smoking it in order to relieve themselves from the daily stress. Cigarette smoking can really make you die with each day that passes and people who die because of it die a very pathetic way. Here we are mentioning some of the effects of smoking cigarettes that take place to an average person because of it.

What Does Smoking Cigarettes Do to You

What Does Smoking Cigarettes Do to You

1. The First Stage Is an Increase in Anger:-

With an increasing intake of cigarettes, it has been observed that your obesity also increases. With increasing obesity, the anger also increases and soon your face becomes like a couch potato with redness over the face. The tummy is seen out of your garments and thus your health starts getting poor with each coming day.

2. The Stage of Addiction:-

Now the second stage that arrives here is the stage of addiction. With increasing usage of cigarettes in your schedule, you will soon become habitual of smoking and your house will be seen full of cigarettes split. Your teeth will get yellowish with each coming day and there would be a strange kind of smell reported as well.

3. There Is A Time When Your Lungs Are Used Just To Soak Up The Smoke:-

Though the actual purpose of the lungs is to filter the air but with habitual smoking, your lungs will soon become another name of smoke sucking machines with no other purpose but to soak up the smoke out of cigarettes and to make your breathing get even worse with each coming day.

4. It Makes You Encounter Cancer:-

In the later stages of developing the habit of smoking, you will find that after the stage of addiction, there will come a stage of too much addiction that we call as the carcinogenic stage which means you get prone to cancer of the mouth. This will make you have severe problems related to breathing as well.

5. You Are Hospitalized:-

As the stage increases, the cancer gets more vigorous and it has rather been seen that many of the patients of cancer are so deteriorated with the places like mouth or neck that they are fed with pipes and instead of using their mouth, the doctors have to do an operation tearing up their neck or mouth so as to make their processes regularly and to make them live some more span of time.

6. You ultimately die:-

In the later stages of cancer, it becomes nearly impossible for you to be able to survive and the doctor though trying his best to make you survive more gets failed in his efforts and you die ultimately suffering with pain inexplicable. This death is also not easy and instead in some of the cases, the patient keeps on craving for death as he finds death having less pain than the pain of cancer that results because of this kind of smoking.