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What do you Want for Christmas to make it Special

What do i want for Christmas


Christmas day is celebrated every day on 25th of December to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and is celebrated in most of the parts of the world. This used to be a Christian festival but then it got used to be celebrated by all people with a great pomp and show with popular Santa costumes, candies and Christmas feast and gifts. The essence of the day is to spread happiness amongst people sharing some quality time with your near and dear ones greeting and celebrating with them. It is a tradition to wish something for Christmas and the wishes are put written on a paper in either the red Christmas socks that you put on the Christmas tree for Santa Clause to bring you or simply by closing your eyes and wishing them to the Santa.

What do you Want for Christmas to make it Special

What do you Want for Christmas to make it Special

1. Spend Time with The Loved Ones:-

In order to celebrate Christmas in a great way, you might make a single wish and that is just to spend time with loved ones. If you are a grown up member of your family, You will make this wish for sure and you can achieve it by staying up with the family enjoying the wine and dine together.

2. A book, Some DVD Or Even Some Gift That You Ever Wanted:-

You might even choose to ask for some book, DVD or even some other gift that can make your wish come true. Simply write the name of the gift that you want to get for yourself on a slip of paper and put that slip in the wish socks stacked up with the Christmas tree. Wishing this way will make them come true for sure.

3. A Pet Dog:-

You might even wish to have a pet dog or some good puppy to make pet with on this Christmas. A dog is simply a man’s best friend and proves to guard your house as well. The children even stay friendly with these creatures and thus the essence of happiness is maintained with Christmas.

4. A Wish That Everybody Stays Blessed:-

If you think that you have got everything with yourself and do not expect anything to want for this Christmas, you can simply make a wish that everybody in your house stays blessed and disease free. You can simply choose to pray for the sake of well being of your family this way.

5. A Grand Feast Together With the Family:-

You can even manage to go for a grand feast with your family this Christmas. You can manage to go some charity rather and invite the poor people to have a feast with you as well. Having a feast with people and making them happy is itself a big Christmas wish to make.

6. To Spend Some Time with Your Partner:-

The last thing that you can want for this Christmas is to spend some quality time with your partner. Let your partner feel special with you and give him or her a VIP treatment. When your partner stays happy with you, all your other wishes will themselves come true.


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