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What do White Blood Cells do for the Body

What do White Blood Cells do


White Blood Cells can be understood as the cells of the immune system that bring about the protection of the body against both the foreign agents and infections to the body. White blood cells are found in a thin white layer of nucleated cells between the sediment red blood cells and blood plasma. These are produced in the bone marrow of a person and then travel down to his or her bloodstream. You can understood them as the guard cells and here we are explaining you all about it in this article.

What do White Blood Cells do for the Body (4 Steps)

What do White Blood Cells do for the Body

1. Fight Infections From The Bacteria’s And Fungi:-

The bacterial infections can be understood as the infections that get caused due to the bacterial attacks and Fungal infections include yeast infections as well as ringworms, jock etc. The infection may cause you peeling, redness, itching, burning and some times blisters and sores. This type of fungal infections are treated with the white blood cells as they are specialized to sense the infection, move towards them and simply kill the agents causing them.

2. Fight Infections From The Viruses:-

Even viruses can cause infections in your body. Viruses can be understood as the dead agents that keep on staying inactive without life when they are not in the contact of a host but get active in action when they find it. After they meet the host, they start feeding on it in order to survive and this way they cause you infections. These infections are combated by these white blood cells only. As I told you earlier, the white blood cells reach the site, target the causing agent and then make us get rid of it.

3. What Causes Low White Blood Cell Count?

When in an individual, the neutrophils are les than required, i.e. less than around one and half a millennium of neutrophils in a micro liter of blood, the white blood cell count gets low. In this situation, the body of that individual becomes unable to fight the fungal attacks, bacterial infections and viral infections. The person’s immunity against these external agents gets affected badly and thus he or she stays diseased.

4. The Action of White Blood Cells According To Their Type:-

White blood cells account for only one percent of the blood and whenever a particular area is under attack, these cells make a rush to reach that site and then destroy up all the external agents that can harm you up.

White blood cell may be of the type Monocytes, that are specialized to break down the bacteria. Lymphocyte, that bring about the antibodies to make you defend. Nutrophils, that help you kill and digest the external agents.

Basophils, that helps you make,you get alarmed against the external agents that look to harm you after entering the body and the last one being Eusinophils, which are specialized to kill parasites and destroy the cancer cells. You may simply take them as the inner guard cells that have the aim to protect the body from external agents.


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