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What Do Sharks Really Eat (6 Steps)

What Do Sharks Eat


Sharks are the kinds of fishes that live in the depths of the sea. These are awesome swimmers and some of the sharks can have a speed as fast as 50kmph while they are attacking their prey. It has rather been noted that there are some aspects where sharks prove dangerous for mankind while there are some aspects where man is becoming a cause of danger for sharks. People doubt sharks as the man eaters and to make their confusion get cleared, we here are mentioning all the kinds of food stuff that sharks feed upon.

What Do Sharks Really Eat

What Do Sharks Really Eat

1. Various Food Habits of Sharks:-

The sharks may prefer any type of food available in the sea. Some sharks depend on totally a plant diet while the others also rely on flesh. Sharks may prefer certain kinds of food according to the area that they reside in but when there is a scarcity, they may even change their food habits or adjust their food habits to compensate for it.

2. The Non Meat Eater Sharks:-

Talking firstly about the Non meat eater sharks, these rely on a diet rich in mollusks and clams. These sharks are often found in the depths of sea and these generally include the small sharks. These have a great hiding capability and are often a victim to the bigger sharks.

3. The Fleshy Food Habits of Sharks:-

Some of the sharks are found to rely on a diet rich in crabs, squids and lobsters. This habit of eating may even change when there is less availability of food and some of the sharks even rely on the both kinds of foods including the sea plants as well as small sea inhabitants.

4. Why Do Sharks Bite?

We often hear about the shark attacks, is not it? Well, sharks may sometimes misconfuse the human diver as their food and try to make a bite but when a shark realizes that it is not her food, she will simply leave it on and go away. Though it will make damage to the human body, but still because of it we can’t call them the man eaters. It is just because of the scarcity of food that sharks choose to find some other source to replenish their hunger.

5. Even the Human Flowed Waste Sometimes:-

The sharks that get close to the sea or are close to some cruise ship may even try out eating the coal, oil or the trash and clothing that the passing by ships will throw away into water if there is a scarcity of food. This can be seen as one of the human cruelty example to fishes like sharks in a way that this has made the sharks get endangered.

6. Sharks Eat Meat Not Man:-

For those who say that he or she has seen sharks eating man, well, I will like to tell them that sharks eat meat not man. Sharks may try to find new source of food and may mistake the diver as a new source of food while will leave away as I told you earlier after recognizing that it is not actually the shark food. Sharks have a very keen sense of smelling as well as sensing and thus they can easily leave humans if coming in contact with them.


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