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What do Monkeys Eat, Facts about Monkeys

What do Monkeys Eat, Facts about Monkeys


You can understand monkeys as the miniature humans like looking primates that have got tails with them. They are considered to be human’s closed relatives and most of them have the characteristics similar to humans as well, one of them being the thinking power. Monkeys can even be tail less but we call them apes instead of the monkeys. Some of them can be even kept as pets and some can just stay in the wild. The food basically depends on the type of monkey that we are talking about but we have taken the best of us to find the things that mostly all of the monkeys relish to enjoy.

What do Monkeys Eat, Facts about Monkeys

What do Monkeys Eat, Facts about Monkeys

1. Bananas, The Favorite Food of City Monkeys:-

The monkeys that live in the cities and not the wild prefer to loot up the local vegetables and fruits from local sellers that keep on sitting by the signals and pedestrian crossings so as to sell their stuff. These monkeys simply choose to thief up the eatables and then eat them after looting the stuff. Bananas can be regarded as the favorite food of monkeys and even the city people can be found sometimes feeding on monkeys with it.

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2. Bugs And Insects In Case of Wild Monkeys:-

The wild monkeys that live on the treetops in the wild sometimes choose to eat the local insects and bugs when they do not find any special jungle fruit to feed themselves. These insects can be found in abundance on the jungle trees and thus become the favorite food of jungle monkeys.

3. Fruits Available In The Jungle For The Wild Ones:-

The wild monkeys even choose to go for the fruits, leaves and gums that are found in the trees in the wild. The languor monkeys found in the mountainous regions feed on the leaves of the local trees and even the local fruits and berries as well. They even choose to enter the places with vegetation sometimes and make a treat on that.

4. Approximately Everything Made In Home For The Pet Monkeys:-

The people who have kept monkeys as pet in their houses can feed their monkeys with approximately everything made at home. The jugglers who keep on roaming from place to place with monkeys who dance on their finger moves choose to feed their monkeys with everything available with the collection of their street shows and even the monkeys like it.

5. The Jungle Plants:-

Monkeys simply like climbing from one branch to the other and thus when they find some plant to be cherishingly pleasant in taste, they choose to feed on it as well. Monkeys depend on plant based products majorly and satisfy them on fruit and vegetable based products more than the animal based flesh till they get enough of it to survive on and never choose to move to cities in search of their food till they are able to get it from the jungle.

6. Sometimes The Other Monkeys:-

It has been seen that sometimes some wild monkeys even like to feed on the other monkeys that are smaller and less powerful than them. This is the case with only the wild monkeys and the city monkeys do not do that generally but sometimes it is seen that the monkeys which are fed on flesh are found to make local birds like pigeons and crows as their prey as well.


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