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What do Jaguars Eat? – Facts About Jaguars

What do Jaguars Eat


Jaguars refer to as the big cats of Panthera species and have a spotted skin with glowing yellowish eyes. These cats have a large body along with sturdy looks that are enough to make the prey get threatened even with their name. These prefer hunting for killing their prey by making a bite at the area of the skull, killing it in a few moments attacking over its brain. These cats stand along with Lions and tigers in the matter of physique and power and thus come amongst world’s top most dangerous animals.

What do Jaguars Eat

What do Jaguars Eat?

1. Fond of Hunting:-

Jaguars are equipped with strong physique enough as to make them be able to hunt their prey. They like to stand for quite much time in water in order to catch fishes, turtles and even alligators.
Jaguars are good swimmers and they like to hunt other jungle preys like deer, wild buffalo, monkeys etc as well. They just keep on hiding in the grass so as to avoid getting seen by the prey and choose to attack all of a sudden.

2. Jaguar In Danger:-

Just like we hear that the tigers have got endangered, even these Jaguars have got endangered as the counting of these cats is decreasing day by day. Various nations where these wild creatures are found are taking necessary steps to conserve lives of these animals, but still their counting is getting decreased day by day.

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3. Good Swimmers:-

Jaguars are thought to be good swimmers as they choose to keep swimming the river and wait for the fishes to reach nearby by standing still without even making a single moment. Jaguars are good swimmers and they choose to hunt fishes this way by hunting on these fishes and then eating them up relishing their flesh.

4. Hunting Technique:-

As I told you earlier, Jaguars never like to depend on others for the food they have left and neither they like to eat fruits or leaves of trees and instead choose to hunt for their food and they are quite efficient in it as well. Jaguars have jaws that can break your bones in minutes and they make quite good use of it to kill their prey.

They choose to attack directly on neck as all the other cats like to do and if I talk about the strength of the jaw of a jaguar, they have their jaws proven to be the strongest in the world. Alligator’s skin may appear to be somewhat tough to you, but let me tell you that this cat does not even leaves, them spared at all and instead kills an alligator within a couple of minutes. Jaguars can climb up trees within no minute and this makes them hunt up monkeys as well.

5. Eating Manners of a Jaguar:-

After catching a deer or a wild buffalo or anything that becomes their prey, first of all Jaguars choose to pierce off its chest and then feed on its heart. The leftovers by this predator become a feast for the wild hyenas who choose to keep on hiding so as to eat up the leftovers found in the jungle.


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