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What do Elephants Eat?

What do Elephants Eat


Most of the elephants are herbivores and they survive commonly on vegetation and no animal meat. Though you must have watched elephants having a tough fight with Lions and other animals, but that does not means that elephants feed on other animals and instead they choose to fight only when they are attacked first. Elephants can be seen as massive creatures with heavy buildup, but they are much often innocent despite of the power they have and never attack anyone to eat him up.

What do Elephants Eat

What do Elephants Eat?

Eating Habits of Wild African Elephants:-

The African wild elephants choose to feed on the wild grass and local crops and vegetation grown by the people of villages surrounding the wild boundaries. It has been seen that the herds of elephants may spoil up the entire crop field within a couple of minutes so as to quench their food needs as the massive body needs a massive diet to feed on. Elephants are found to feed on the tree leaves, fruits, shrubs and other tree branches. The African elephants can drink up to 50 gallons of water every day and choose to live in a habitat that has got the plenty of both, the water as well as the food.

Eating Habits of Asian Elephants:-

Though Asian elephants are somewhat less massive than the African elephants, but still these ones also choose to stay on a herbivore diet and never kill anybody for their food. They choose to have a treat on wild grass, wild fruits, vegetables and tree branches and leaves. The Asiatic elephants are fond of bananas and other such fruits and relish all the common vegetables grown by farmers.
The elephants may choose to eat all the sort of fruits and vegetables ranging from bananas, apples, pears, spinach, broccoli, squash etc.

Eating Habits of Elephants:-

The wild elephants may choose to feed on up to three hundred pounds of food every day and choose to spend approximately 2/3 of their total day and night span in just finding the food and eating it.

The wild elephants may choose to feed on the wild grass as well as the fodder crops or even some flowers, tree leaves and branches and approximately all the tree and plant based products including the bamboos, twigs, shrubs, canes and what not? Elephants will eat approximately every easily available tree based product.

Eating Habits of Pet Elephants:-

If we talk about the elephants that are used for wild safaris and are adopted by people or are kept in the wild sanctuaries or animal habitats like zoo, etc. these elephants are fed with a pre specified diet that is pre specialized with the weight of stuff that will be given to this animal. The diet of pet elephants may include a several dozens of bananas, a several dozens of spinach, broccoli, squash or wild grass, fodder crops or any other homemade stuff as well.


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