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What do Butterflies Eat? – Information about Butterflies

What do Butterflies Eat


Butterflies can be understood as the insects that have large wings that may be of a specific color or may have multiple colors. These colorful creatures with wings keep on flying up the plants and their flowers and look really cute while sitting on them, but what do they eat and how do they survive, still remains a matter of doubt that we are here to clear for you.

What do Butterflies Eat

What do Butterflies Eat

Do Butterflies Eat Or Drink?

Butterflies never eat and instead they drink. Just like we have got esophagus or food pipe to gulp our food, the butterflies have got a syringe like narrow tube in their mouth that they use as a straw so as to gulp nectar from the flower while they keep sitting on it. Just like we have got a tongue to sense the taste of various foods, butterflies have got six lets on their legs which act just like a sensor to signal them which flower will be good for them to taste its nectar.

Variety in Butterfly Food:-

Butterflies simply depend on the flowers for their nectar, but they also have got some variety in food habits and sometimes they choose to go for the tree sap as well. They basically depend on the dung, pollen and even the rotten fruits to suck up their juices.

Are Butterflies Dangerous To Humans?

Sometimes when a butterfly sits on your hand, you shoe it away thinking that it might make a bite. This happens the most when kids try picking up a butterfly and the parents try to shoe it away thinking it might do a harm to the kid, but just like you are fascinated with the colorful look of the butterfly, even it gets fascinated with the Sodium content in your sweat that is good for its reproduction and this is why butterflies reach your children when they have kept playing continuously for hours and then get drench with sweat.

How to Gather More Butterflies to Your Garden?

If you want to gather more butterflies to your garden so as to make the view enough to spell bound everyone with multiple colorful butterflies, you are advised to grow more and more flower plants in your garden. When there will be a plenty of food for them, obviously butterflies will like to stay in your garden so as to satisfy their hunger.

Are Butterflies Harmful For Your Flowering Plants?

When I told you that butterflies feed on your flowers to quench their thirst, you must have got confused if they are harmful for your flowering plants right? Well, if you are thinking like that, let me tell you that butterflies are not harmful neither for your plants and nor for the flowers. Though butterflies depend on nectar of flowers for surviving, they still do not make any harm to your flowers and instead help in the process of pollination as what bees do to them.

They carry some pollen along with them and leave it to the other flowers on which they sit and this way the process of pollination gets a boost and thus butterflies are not harmful at all and instead they help to maintain the growth of flowers and boost the process of pollination.


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