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What Diet Should Be Given To Dengue Patient

Diet Should Be Given To Dengue Patient


Dengue is a disease that spreads because of a mosquito bite. Generally, when water is kept uncovered in our surroundings for a long time, it becomes a breeding zone for these mosquitoes and then we fall a prey to this disease. Dengue is a life threatening disease and the symptoms of this disease include a high fever, headache, feeling cold, vomiting and reduced blood platelets. A patient’s health really gets down and weak in this condition and thus he should try eating healthy and empowering kind of food.

What Diet Should Be Given To Dengue Patient

What Diet Should Be Given To Dengue Patient

1. Drink Lots of Fluids:-

The first approach in dengue patient’s treatment is to drink lots of fluids in your daily diet. The more fluids and juice you consume, the more quickly you are able to overcome dengue. This does not only boosts your energy level but also saves you against the damage caused by dengue to your body from inside in the form of weakness.

2. Papaya Leaf Extract Juice:-

Papaya leaf extract juice is one of the ideal ingredients to boost and upgrade the level of blood platelets in your blood. Dengue is always associated with a reduced number of blood platelets and thus you should start consuming papaya leaf extract juice in order to boost the level of blood platelets.

food Should Be Given To Dengue Patient

3. Oranges and Ginger Juice:-

Orange juice mixed up with ginger juice is an ideal source of energy when you suffer from dengue. Orange is a good source of Vitamin-C and besides this it also helps to recover the antibodies. If you are suffering from dengue fever, you can start consuming orange juice daily in order to boost your health.

4. Coconut Water:-

The water out of a coconut has been found healthy and beneficial when you suffer from dengue fever. You can also try consuming porridge or other such eatables. Coconut water is rich in a content of electrolytes and minerals good for the body ion replacement while on the other hand porridge is soft and is easy to be swallowed and digested.

Diet Should Be Given To Dengue Patient

5. Green Leafy Vegetables:-

The patient of dengue should be kept on a diet rich in green and leafy vegetables like spinach. He should be provided with the juice of fruits like guava, kiwi fruit etc. It strengthens the immune system and makes the dengue patient get cured soon with the development and production of lymphocytes besides giving him the desired strength to fight weakness prevailing in his body system.

6. Goat Milk for Dengue:-

Goat’s milk is light and easy to be digested. It also helps to boost up the level of blood platelets in the human body. In the areas where dengue disease is on the verge of its spread, goat milk is sold for more than five to six hundred rupees per liter because of these curative properties in it against dengue disease. Some patients even have to wait for two to three days in order to get this milk medicine in some severely dengue affected areas. If you know some goat breeder, you can ask them for a glass of goat’s milk in order to provide it to the patient to save his health and life against dengue disease.


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