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What Color Should i get for my Pedicure

What Color Pedicure Should I Get


A pedicure is a treatment similar to manicure. The difference is just that manicure is done with hands and a pedicure is done with legs and toes. This includes a superficial cosmetic treatment of feet and toenails and for this purpose, you need to choose a perfect color shade. This helps you get rid of the nail hue and makes you keep your nails away from nail diseases and disorders. In order to choose a perfect color for a pedicure, you can adopt these tips:-

What Color Should i get for my Pedicure

What Color Should i get for my Pedicure

1. Try Out the Bright Shades:-

Bright shades often look really good with a pedicure treatment. You can polish nails with some bright color like brown, Dark Blue or even Black and Wear sandals matching with the combo of your dress in order to look perfect with a bright color pedicure. Don’t forget to remove the dirt and debris accumulated on the under-side of your toe nails first.

2. Pastels for A Better Feel:-

According to a famous beauty parlor owner, pastel shade can provide better feel if you exactly know how to use it. Pastels and neons look great when applied. Pedicure made this way gives a perfect finishing touch as well. Simply all the pastel shades look great and thus you can choose any color of pedicure while choosing pastels for it.

3. Glitter Top for A Better Look:-

Simply wash your leg, massage it properly, remove the dirt struck underside and then shape-up the toe nails. Now use a fine base-coat with nails, applying a glittery layer on them. The glittery feel provides added shine to your pedicure. This is in trend since years and proves to be a kind of glam touch-up for your pedicure.

4. Go for a Nail Art:-

In this approach, first, the cosmetic treatment is provided to the feet and then a layering of fine base-coat layer is applied on the toe nails. Then we use shades of several colors or several art stickers on nails to make them look perfectly designed. Nail art can be made with some old design of your choice or you can even make some new experiment this time.

5. Alluring Blue Shade:-

Blue has always been an alluring color. Blue looks great when you use it with any other color combination. Blue color is also perfect for any form of nail art as well as toe nail based other such experiments. If you reach any cosmetic store, you can ask them to give you nail polish stars or moons or even other such glued nail-polish sticking items which can be glued over your nail polish to make your toe nails look presentable.

6. A Simple Base Coat with Glitters:-

Apply a simple white light base-coat of nail-polish over your toe nails after cosmetic cleaning them and then you have to layer your nails with glitters of your favorite choice. This kind of pedicure touch is also in fashion these days. You can also keep it simple with just white base coat and no other color layered over it, but keep in mind to perfectly shape up your nails while performing this approach.


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