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What Causes Tetanus and How is it Managed

What Causes Tetanus


Tetanus is a disease or a medical condition caused by bacteria clostridium tetani. Tetanus bacterias live in the rusted iron or iron nails that get rusted. every rusted object that can get you wounded is likely to make you suffer from tetanus. the rough surface of rusty metal is the best habitat for the tetanus bacteria to live in an when a rusted metal is associated with any accident or accidental wound , that bacteria contaminates that wound and the person is likely to suffer from tetanus.

What Causes Tetanus and How is it Managed

What Causes Tetanus and How is it Managed

The disease is likely to occur only if the person did not take medicine against that bacteria or was not properly immunized or vaccinated. bacterias are present generally everywhere and the person when undergoing any wound or infection in wound is likely to be at risk of developing this medical anaerobic bacterial attack to occur.

The toxin of tetanus or lock jaw binds initially to the terminals of the peripheral nerves, then it gets transported within the axon and across the synaptic junctions until it reaches the central nervous system of that particular person. And at this site it gets fixed quickly to the gangliosides at the presynaptic inhibitory motor nerve ends and gets taken up by endocytosis to the axon.

The toxin hence results in the blockage of the release of the inhibitory neurotransmitters glycine and gamma amino butyric acid across the synaptic cleft mendatory to check out the impulse of the nerves. The farther the injured site is from the nervous system, the longer it takes to incubate. And the shorter the incubation period gets, the more vigorous the symptoms get.

though the medicinal injections are cheaply and easily available, but it is still advisable to be away of getting indulged with accidents and if by chance someone meets with an accident involving rusted matter, he should immediately get him vaccinated and be free from the risk of developing lock jaw or tetanus as Tetanus affects the skeletal muscles, a type of muscle among the striated muscles used in voluntary movement of the body in a particular person.

tetanus being an international issue has become a large problem to care about as iron nails are much common with our lives and we generally live with much of rusted – non metals around us so that we don’t even think once that the object that got us wounded was rusted or not.


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