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What Causes Muscle Cramps

What Causes Muscle Cramps


Often we experience muscular cramps after vigorous exercise or running and these cramps are much painful and make us go irritated with them. The overuse of body muscles is the main reason behind these cramps and these happen due to the accumulation of acids at the muscle sites due to excessive labor done by us. The dehydration of body or sometimes the muscle strain might even result in muscular cramps and sometimes the situation becomes unbearable for the athletes as their entire career depends on the muscle based approaches.

What Causes Muscle Cramps

What Causes Muscle Cramps

The Basic Definition of Muscular Cramps:-

The overuse or more than limited use of the muscles gives rise to the cramps in muscles that we refer to as the muscular cramps. The not normal blood supply or vigorous exercise might result in this situation and these generally reduce the effect the moment we get some rest. Often the deficiency of minerals in body, dehydration or lack of proper nutrition may result in this condition and it may even happen to a normal person after vigorous exercising, but there is nothing much to worry about these cramps as they generally go within the rest of a couple of minutes.

What Happens When You Suffer Muscular Cramps?

In case you suffer from muscular cramps, you might experience strong and painful contraction or tightening of a specific body muscle area. This might be an outcome of the accumulation of acid in that area or because of other reasons that I will mention further. This will make you feel like you are unable to stand and need some rest. The feeling will be somewhat itchy and often you may experience this condition with legs after a vigorous walk or running.

The Reasons for Muscular Cramps:-

The main reason for the development of muscular cramps is the excessive usage of the body muscles. It has been seen that after running for quiet much time, the accumulation of Lactic acid takes place within the leg muscles which makes us feel pain of cramps and thus we might choose to rest for a while. The nerve compression has also been found to be another reason for it and the body minerals depletion has also been found to contribute a lot to this health problem. This might be a problem that most of the women experience in pregnancy and even some injury cases that involve straining of muscles are also found to be associated with this condition as well.

Ways To Combat Muscular Cramps:-

Though muscular cramps have been found to get cured even with a slight amount of rest in your daily schedule but since it is majorly causes due to the depletion of minerals or the deficiency of minerals, you can choose to add these to your diet as a precautionary measure against the condition of muscular cramps. You can even choose to stay hydrated so as to combat muscular cramps as they are seen to be resulting because of dehydration as well in some of the cases. Apart from applying these approaches to your schedule, you are advised to take plenty of rest in your schedule so as to combat muscular cramps in a better way.


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