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What Causes and Symptoms of Scurvy

Causes and Symptoms of Scurvy


Causes of Scurvy:-

Scurvy or the disease of vitamin c deficiency is mostly affecting the infants and elderly people. and the disease is rarely present in the adults in the modern western societies ,vitamin c in the milk gets destroyed with the process of pasteurization of the milk and so the infants are the most affected by this disease in the case they are not breast feeded by their mother.  the baby in care of the baby sitters are often feeded with bottled milk instead of mother’s milk and hence the risk gets more in this case.

What Causes and Symptoms of Scurvy

What Causes and Symptoms of Scurvy

in some cases when the mother dies immediately after giving the birth to her child, it is advised to provide adequate vitamin supplements to the baby. most of the food supplements these days are filled up with vitamin c for this cause only . heat and storage can destroy vitamin c. if the mother gets adequate intake , then her milk to her baby  possesses the adequate amount of vitamin C. in the further stages the person is likely to develop jaundice and generalised edema and oligura and neuropathy and convulsions and eventually death may occur to the person.

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Aascorbic acid is needed in the body for a variety of reasons including amidation reactions and accelerating hydroxylation.ascorbic is necessary as a cofactor for hydroxylase and lysyl hydroxylase which are the enzymes that bring about the hydroxylation of proline and lysine amino acids in the in the synthesis of collagen and stablising it.
defective collogens may impair wound healing capacity and collogens being an important bart of the bones affects the bone formation. the connective tissues result in fragile capillaries and abnormal bleeding may occur with the person suffering from scurvy.

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Symptoms of Scurvy:-

Symptoms of scurvy include the patient’s tongue to get scorbutic due to lack of vitamin c. the other symptoms include lethargy, shortness of breath and malaise  after three or four months of the development of the disease the patient starts suffering from other symptoms like the occurrence of myalgias and the reduced caratine production often takes place in his body. his skin may start to get rough and bruising may even occur along with petechiae and gum disease. Loosening of teeth may even occur along with poor wound healing capacity and in some cases changes in emotions of that person may even occur. His mouth may start remaining dry most of the times along with dry eyes.


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