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What Bacterium Causes the Disease Cholera?

What Bacterium Causes the Disease Cholera? - (6 Steps)


Cholera is an infectious disease and a bacterium is a main culprit behind it. Cholera causes the symptoms like dehydration, which may even result in death. This occurs the most during the age of childhood and it takes place more in the regions where there are not enough provisions for the treatment of water as well as its storage and safe supply. It basically includes an infection to take place in the starting that makes the situation worse when signs like dehydration are added to it. In order to know more about this disease and the causing bacteria behind the name, let us have a look at various other things involved with the same.

What Bacterium Causes the Disease Cholera? - (6 Steps)

What Bacterium Causes the Disease Cholera?

1. The Bacteria That Cause Cholera:-

There is a bacteria named as bacterium Vibrio Cholerae because of which cholera takes place to an individual and being an epidemic infectious disease, there is a secretion of isotonic fluid that results in diarrhea causing you a loss of water and when this happens to you, even the loss of electrolytes occurs and thus an individual is likely to experience many turbulences at a same time in his body.

2. The Initial Discovery of Cholera:-

The discovery of this virus was made in 1883 by a German bacteriologist because he was investigating an infection of Vibrio Cholerae bacteria. He investigates the disease and resulted in a successful discovery of these bacteria soon, along with the causing factors that had become another name of epidemic that time.

3. This Is an Epidemic in Countries like Africa:-

As there is less good quality water in areas of Africa, the people often experience cases of cholera in such areas and thus people experience frequent fluid loss because of which they get diseased and it has taken a shape of severe epidemic out there.

4. What It Causes When Entered the Human Body:-

When entered the human body, the bacteria of cholera cause several symptoms at the same time and it causes the poisoning of the body, triggering to fluid loss causing diarrhea because of which the individual suffers and there is a dehydration faced by him. This disease is likely to make you suffer in case you have drunk water from some source that had got impurities added to it.

5. The Thing That Ridicules The Situation:-

The thing that ridicules the situation is that this bacteria has the ability to multiply quickly, which means when it gets added to a source of water, it will multiply and produce new generations and if someone drinks this water, there will be traces of cholera seen in his body soon. The disease spread soon and makes an individual affected with its symptoms.

6. The Need of the Hour in Such Cases:-

The need of hour in such cases is to stay away from all the sources of water that are contaminated. The contamination means the presence of impurities. We make investments on many things, but forget the basic need that is water and in order to stay away from such diseases, you should stay away from all the sources of contaminated water.


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