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What are X-Rays and How are They Produced

what are x-rays and how are they produced


If you have ever had met an accident, the doctor must have asked you to go for an X-ray as it would give them an idea what sort of damage has taken place inside the body and what can be done further more to save a life. Actually X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiations that are actually the radio waves or microwaves or the infrared radiations or some similar rays. These rays when bombarded can generate an image that can be beneficial for medical imaging and telling you how far the body has met damage. In order to understand what X-rays actually are, let us make you familiar with various aspects related to the same.

what are x-rays and how are they produced

What are X-Rays

1. The Discovery of X-Rays:-

The X-rays were discovered in 1895 when Wilhelm Conrad Röentgen, who used to be a professor at the Würzburg University in Germany came across the crystals that he was observing near a high voltage cathode ray tube. It exhibited a fluorescent kind of glow even when he shielded them with a dark paper sheet. The tube was sure to have produced some energy that was able to penetrate the paper and making the crystals start glowing. This made him have a conclusion about the X-RAYS and thus these can be called the rays with a power to penetrate. The name X-radiations was given to these radiations that became known as the X-rays afterwards.

2. X-rays are basically a broad spectrum of different wavelengths:-

Actually X-rays are nothing but electromagnetic radiations transmitted in waves or particles at different wavelengths and frequencies. This is called the electromagnetic spectrum and in order to get further details about this phenomenon, you can go through the books of physics.

3. The electromagnetic spectrum:-

Talking about an electromagnetic spectrum, it is generally a partition of several regions categorized into different wavelengths according to the increasing or decreasing energy or frequency. The common forms of these include the radio waves, the microwaves, the infrared rays and the ultra violet rays etc. The X-rays and Gamma rays are also a part of this spectrum only.

4. Classification of X-rays:-

Out of this electromagnetic spectrum, The X-rays are further classified into two types, the one being soft X-rays and the second being hard X-rays. The soft X-rays are the ones that have the range between U.V light rays and gamma rays and have comparatively higher frequencies than the hard rays.

5. The further experimentations:-

After the discovery of X-rays was made, many researchers and thinkers came forward to have their experimentations done on the same phenomenon and these penetrating rays thus were bought in use for multiple purposes checking the penetration power that gave a rise to fact that these can be bought in use to detect a damage inside the human body.

6. Production of X-Rays:-

In order to use X-rays, special instruments are bought into use and one of these is an accelerator named synchrotron that causes the charged particles to move in a closed, circular path generating X-rays with a magnetic field making them move. This movement takes place in a speedy way and thus there is a great energy along with the X-rays emitted.


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