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What are Various Types of Leukemia

What Are Different Types of Leukemia


There are basically four types of leukemia, namely the acute leukemia, the chronic leukemia, the acute myeloid leukemia and the chronic myelogenous leukemia.

Though the disease of leukemia may even be sub-divided into many sub-groups also but we divide it generally in four forms and these can be categorized as follows :-

What are Various Types of Leukemia

What are Various Types of Leukemia

acute leukemia:-

the first type of leukemia is the acute leukemia that develops within a period of days to weeks and a large number of cells or the “blasts” get formed within the body of individual.

The cells that are produced can not function well as the normal white blood cells and the individuals body suffering from acute leukemia is busy producing the blasts and can’t make up the red blood cells or the platelets and the person is thus at a high rate of developing the disease and the other problems like anemia and bleeding disorders might also occur in them. This type of leukemia is just characterized by the rapid increase in the number of the immature blood cells and the crowding because of such cells only becomes the cause of the acute leukemia. The bone marrow in this disease is unable to produce the healthy cells and the person suffers from leukemia.

Chronic leukemia:-

in the case of chronic leukemia, the disease may take from a course of months to years to develop and may involve the production of the immature white blood cells that can not even function like the normal ones and this type of leukemia develops at a slower rate than the others.

Acute myeloid leukemia:-

this disease causes the production of white blood cells of another type that are produced in an uncontrolled manner and called as the myelocytes. The disease is likely to cause an over growth or the immature cells that are called as the myeloblasts and what interferes with the levels of the functioning red blood cells in the person along with its platelets and the normal white blood cells.

This type of leukemia is the most commonly occurring form of acute leukemia in the adult person.

Chronic myelogenous leukemia:-

this type of leukemia occurs at a rate more slower than the acute myeloid leukemia and thus has an effect less on the other cell types. Chronic leukemia is less common among the children and the risk increases with the growing age.


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