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What are the Symptoms of Flu

Symptoms of The Flu, What Is The Flu


The symptoms of flu are generally miss-regarded as common cold but unlike common cold, flu can make you live a pathetic life and the symptoms can occur all of a sudden to you.
The main symptoms of flu being fever that might not happen in the case of common cold along with a severe pain in the joints and in some cases vomiting may even be seen in the case of the person suffering from flu and a sudden dizziness might be associated with the patient. The symptoms in details are explained as follows :-

What are the Symptoms of Flu

What are the Symptoms of Flu

1. Joint Pain And Tiredness:-

Flu can make you have severe pain in the joints of your body along with the muscles. The patient of flu is likely to remain stressed and tired all the time along with the pain the weakness and fatigue might be associated with the person and there may be the swelling of the eye also.

2. Watery Eyes:-

The eyes of the patient may get watery and the skin may get flushed a bit. The eyes may even look red in color. The patient of flu may thus appear to be crying to every onlooker and the eyes always have tears in them being the another symptom of flu.

3. Headache and Runny Nose:-

The patient of flu may be associated with headache or dry cough that may persist every time and the patient may thus be associated with sore throat and a runny nose and the adults that develop the disease on a seasonal basis do not have any sort of vomiting associated with the disease and not even diarrhea but the children may have it in them.

4. Trouble In Breathing:-

The patient of flu might sometimes feel it impossible for him to breathe or there may be shortness of breath associated with the individual suffering from flu. If the symptoms get severe, the patient may seek for medical help and pain or pressure in the chest or belly might be consulted with a good professional.

5. Sudden Dizzyness:-

The patient of flu might observe a sudden sort of dizziness in him or her or even may feel a bit confusion associated with him. There may be the case of severe vomiting associated with the person. The person with flu should be provided with a separate room as the disease is likely to get spread to the other members of the family and must be made to have rest and drink enough fluids and avoid any sort of contact with the other people so as to avoid the disease from spreading and the one who takes the care of the patient must use a mask on the mouth so that he or she may be spared from catching the flu.


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