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What are the Symptoms for Common Cold

What are the Common Cold Symptoms


Common cold can be regarded as a viral infectious disease that affects the nose and affects your respiratory tract badly. This one is a disease of season change that is commonly caused by the viruses and thus this one is an infectious disease. No cure for this disease has been evolved yet, but we can try out to relieve the symptoms of it and thus here we have come with some symptoms of it that can help you determine how to treat it in a better way.

What are the Symptoms for Common Cold

What are the Symptoms for Common Cold

1. Coughing:-

The first and foremost symptom of common cold is coughing. The individual suffering from common cold experiences a sort of sudden reflex in his breathing passage and finds it difficult for him to breathe when he gets affected from the signs of this symptom. A forced inhalation and exhalation follows a violent sound to come from the patient’s mouth in this symptom.

2. Sore Throat:-

The next symptom of common cold is a sore throat that can be regarded as an individual’s condition in which he experiences a pain or a sort of irritation in his throat. The pain might be moderate or extreme. This symptom is most common amongst the symptoms of common cold.

3. Runny Nose:-

Another condition amongst the symptoms of common cold is rhinorrhoea or runny nose that is associated with the deposition of mucus, fluid and in it, fluid starts coming out of our nose and the nasal passages stay blocked and much of the times we have to try breathing with our mouth rather than the nasal passage.

4. Sneezing:-

The next one amongst the symptoms of common cold is sneezing. This might not be confused with cough as it just involves expulsion of air from lungs through nose and mouth. This one occurs within a couple of seconds and involves a lot of saliva particles to come out with it spreading the virus of common cold.

5. Fever:-

Fever can be regarded as the change of body temperature more than the normal and this one is amongst the most common symptoms of common cold. The temperature of the individual suffering from common cold is likely to rise after suffering from the infection and this temperature can be easily noted putting a hand over the head of individual or simply by taking his hands in your hands. The temperature can be easily noted with a thermometer and further treatment approaches can be made.

6. Pneumonia:-

Though pneumonia is not so common with an individual suffering from common cold, but still common cold may lead you to this health problem in a way that the inflammation of lungs is caused in this health problem. The virus makes the situation worse by adding the symptoms of pneumonia to common cold and the person suffers a lot. Though there is no proven cure for common cold, still you can manage to treat these symptoms and get relieved from them. You can choose to go for the treatment of fever by fever pills, runny nose and sneezing by comforting yourself against cold and treating all the other symptoms like wisely.


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