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What are The Symptoms And Causes of Anemia

Anemia Symptoms And Causes


Symptoms of Anemia:-

the symptoms of anemia may include a minor or major sign related to the cause or by itself. Anemia is generally un-detected in much of the people suffering from it. Most of the people suffering from this disease have a feeling of weekness and fatigue in them often alo0ng with a malaise and poor ability to concentrate on anything. The shortness of breathing capability may even occur with the person suffering from anemia.

What are The Symptoms And Causes of Anemia - HowFlux

What are The Symptoms And Causes of Anemia

In the cases of intense anemia, the body of the individual suffering from the disease may leg behind from the other people in terms of the oxygen –carrying capacity o0f the blood in him. His cardiac output may have increased and claudication of his legs may even be felt and the heart failure may even occur. The person may have a pale skin tone and conjunctiva in the nail beds. The signs of specific cause of anemia may also be seen like koilonychia

that is generally seen with the cases of lack of iron in them. And even jaundice may occur when the anemia is the result of a non-normal breakdown of the red blood corpuscles in the situation generally referred as in hemolytic anemia.

In the cases like thalassemia major bone deformalities may also be seen along with the other symptoms
in the severe cases of anemia the signs of hyperdynamic circulation or a fast rate of heart or a bounding pulse in the person suffering from the disease may also be seen. Heart failure is even likely to occur in these type of cases. Chronic anemia may be associated with the abnormalities with the behavior of the children and as an impaired neurological development outcome in the infants.

The eating of products that can not be included in a diet like paper or wax or grass etc may even be the signs if the lack of iron in a person. This generally occurs in those who have a low hemoglobin level in their blood. School career of the student may even be affected as his academic performance may be badly affected.

Causes of anemia:-

the causes of anemia may include production of an impaired r.B.C or more and more destruction of the r.B.C’s may even result in anemia. Loss of blood or overload of fluid may even result in the development of this disease. The most common cause of anemia is blood loss and lack of iron in an individual. Anemia is a blood deficiency disease and a person suffering from anemia should take a diet rich in iron to over come this deficiency.


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