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What are the Known Causes of Leukemia

What Are The Causes of Leukemia


The most of the people suffering from the disease of leukemia have no way to recognize what was the cause behind the disease they are suffering from. The causes that are suspected to cause leukemia may be the previous history of chemotherapy to be practiced on the person or the radiation therapy to be used previously on the individual may even cause this disease. The exposure to the high doses of the radiation or to compounds like benzene that is usually found in the gasoline or the tobacco or the smoke or the chemical production facilities or the family history of the disease is also likely to make an individual suffer with the disease of leukemia.

What are the Known Causes of Leukemia

What are the Known Causes of Leukemia

Genetically abnormal individuals are also prone to develop the disease of leukemia and various other genetic disorders like the down syndrome or the fanconi anemia are also likely to develop the disease in an individual.
All the forms of the cancers that can spread within the body of an individual whether the malignant one or the non-malignant ones including leukemia cancer are supposed to be occurring due to the genetic abnormalities in the person.

What Actually Happens:-

In the disease like leukemia, the damage is likely to take place in the stem cells of the bone marrow of the person, these are the cells that help to build up all the other cells in the blood of an individual. there is not any specific single cause to this disease for any of the specific types of leukemia and the few of the known causes that are not generally the factors within the control of the average person account for the relatively some of the cases.

The cause of most of the leukemia is unknown and the different types of leukemia may have different types of causes.
Leukemia like the other cancers results from the mutations in the deoxyribonucleic acid in an individual. Certain types of mutations can even start leukemia by activating up the oconogenes or by simply deactivating the tumor suppressor genes in anybody.

the disrupt in the regulation of the cell death may even take place with the individual and the mutations may occur spontaneously or as an outcome of the exposure to the radiations or the other carcinogenic substances when inhaled by some means or the other are likely to cause the leukemia.

Some of the cases of maternal-fetal transmission of leukemia occur as the baby gets leukemia because of the mother had it in her during the period of pregnancy.


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