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What Are The Different Types of Coma?

What Are The Different Types of Coma


Coma is a stage of the person in which his body organs are still alive and he or she is surviving but is just surviving and not living. Coma may be defined as the stage of the person in which he or she is completely inactive in a sleep though alive that might happen for any interval of time.

What Are The Different Types of Coma

What Are The Different Types of Coma

Though the heart is still beating, but the person is totally inactive and feels like he or she is dead but is still surviving and is in a sleeping stage.

Types of Coma:-

The types of coma may include the toxic- metabolic encephalopathy or the anoxic brain injury or the persistant vegetative state or the locked in syndrome or the death of the brain or the medically induced coma and all of them are explained below :-

1. Toxic- Metabolic Encephalopathy:- It is an acute type of disfunction in the brain of an individual with the symptoms of getting confused or association with derilium. The condition of this type of coma stays totally irreversible and the person in this type of coma can’t be cured. Though the causes of this type of coma still remain varied and may include systematic illness or infection or the organ failure might even happen to the person.

2. Anoxic Brain Injury:- it is a brain condition that is caused by the total lack of oxygen flow to the brain. Lack of oxygen makes the brain tissues to die and the anoxic brain injury may result from heart attack or what we call a cardiac arrest or head injury or the stage called trauma or drowning.

3. Persistant Vegetative State:- This type of coma is a state of intense unconsciousness and the person is unaware of his or her surroundings in this state and is un capable to move voluntarily. The person in this type of coma though may be awake but still the brain is not functioning and there is a breathing and circulation cycle going on in the person.

4. Locked In Syndrome:- this type of coma is a rare one and the individual suffering from this type of coma is totally paralysed except for the muscles if the eyes but stays awake and alert with a mind that acts normal.

5. Death Of The Brain:- This type of coma results from an injury that widespread to the brain and this type of coma stays irreversible and can’t be cured.

6. Medically Induced Coma:- This is a temporary type of coma and is just a deep state of being unconscious used to protect the brain from swelling after an injury.
The doctor gives the dose of any anesthetic to the patient and the patient goes to the stage of medically induced coma in which he or she can’t feel anything and remains unaware of everything happening
to him.


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