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What Are The Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer


The single type of examination that can confirm the diagnosis of prostate cancer to full extent is called “biopsy”.

biopsy is an approach that involves the removal of small pieces of prostate to examine under the microscope and then to reveal the results of diagnosis. Though before trying this approach out on a patient, a test that is less invasive as compared to the biopsy can be conducted with the patient likely to suffer from the prostate cancer. several other tests like digital rectal examination that may allow a invigilator to find the prostate abnormalities and the other approaches like cystoscopy and transrectal ultrasonography can also be performed on a patient.

What Are The Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer - HowFlux

What Are The Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

The cytoscopy is an approach that is able to show out the urinary tract from inside the bladder of the individual by using a thin and often flexible camera tube that is inserted down the urethra of that person. Transrectual ultrasonography is an other approach that is able to tell about the prostate and the urinary tract creating a picture of the prostate using the concept of sound waves from a probe in the rectum of that individual.

The two main prostate imaging approaches to detect the occurrence of prostate cancer are namely :- the ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging  though it is seen that the process of magnetic resonance imaging in prostate usually has a better soft tissue resolution than the ultrasound.

Prostate magnetic resonance imaging is also practiced for the surgical planning for the individuals who undergo the robotic prostatectomy. it has been a helping hand to guide the surgeons in deciding whether to resect or to spare the neurovascular bundle and to guide them to assess about the difficulties in the surgery.


Talking about the biopsy, if a person is doubtful to be suffering from prostate cancer, the biopsy is a perfect option for him. during this process, a urologist or a radiologist gets the tissue samples out from the prostate through the rectum.

A biopsy gun inserts and gets out special hollow –core needles in less than a second into the patient’s part to practice it and the biopsy is performed about fifty five percent of people that undergo the process of biopsy report discomfort during the process. the biopsies in the prostate cancer are done with a routine on the outpatient basis that requires hospitalisation only in some of the cases and rest of the cases do not involve hospitalisation.


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