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What Are The Diagnosis and Symptoms of Piles

What Are The Symptoms of Piles


Diagnosis of Piles:-

the diagnosis of piles is generally based on examining the anal area by inserting a gloved finger treated with a lubricant in it or will insert a light tube in the anal area to view the rectum or using a proctoscope especially made for these purposes. segmoidoscopy may also be used if there is a need to inspect the anal canal further and the full colon can be viewed by the approaches like colonoscopy , both the approaches involve a flexible light tube to be inserted in the rectum of a person.

What Are The Diagnosis and Symptoms of Piles

What Are The Diagnosis and Symptoms of Piles

the insertion of the tube in the area will give the person examining that area an idea about the disease and if it is an internal one or external one and about the extent of disease and whether it is piles only or some other vigorous disease as the symptoms and signs like anal bleeding may even be the cause of anal fissures or colitis or a disease like colorateral cancer and hence there becomes the need to go for a diagnosis of the disease.

Proper Diagnosis gives an idea to the examiner if the disease is piles or some other disease with symptoms similar to piles and then the treatment is practiced based on the symptoms of the disease.  the doctor may even look at the entire anal area if the piles is an external one. piles associated with vigorous bleeding may even be related with some intense disease.

Symptoms of Piles:-

the symptoms of piles generally involve   a bright red blood to come in the stool from the anus part of the individual suffering from the disease and the blood from the anal area may streak the bowel movement or the toilet paper.
the piles in a person may even be related with a vigorous pain during the bowel movements or tenderness may even occur.

The anus area may get a lump developed on it and there may be occurrence of a painful swelling in that area. There may be a sort of itching in the anal area of the person suffering from piles and a mucus anal discharge may even take place. The person with piles is mostly seen depressed till he is not diagnosed properly and told that the disease is not a big health hazard. the blood in the stool of the person is likely to make him distressed and to think If he is suffering from any intense health hazard that may kill him.


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