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What are the Causes of Rickets Deficiency

What Causes Rickets


Rickets is mainly caused by the deficiency of vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for the adequate calcium absorption from the gut. the absence of this vitamin the calcium from our diet may not be absorbed properly that becomes a cause of hypocalcaemia that in turn causes skeletal and dental abnormalities.

What are the Causes of Rickets Deficiency

What are the Causes of Rickets Deficiency

vitamin D is mainly obtained from the sun light especially the ultra violet rays coming from the sun help the skin cells of an individual to synthesize vitamin D from the inactive state to a state that is active. neuro-muscular symptoms are also likely to occur due to the lack of this vitamin or what we call the state of hyper-excitability.

It is generally seen that people become so cautious about their skin that they even stop getting out in the sun. they keep their face covered much of the time with some cloth or other covering and are hence not able to get sun’s vitamin D and get in the grab of this disease. According to a fact, the people in the northern latitudes are having a lighter skin tone as an out come of the positive selection to vying levels of U.V. rays coming from the sun while the people living in the regions of latitudes located near the equator have generally a darker skin tone to block the most of the ultraviolet rays from the sun in order to safe-guard them from the hazards of excessive vitamin D and as well as to avoid skin cancer from happening to them.

To be free from the deficiency of this vitamin , one should involve fish liver oils or butter or eggs or the other food products like margarine, fortified milk and juice, and oily fishes such as tuna, herring, and salmon and portabella and shitake mushrooms in his diet.

Most often rickets is an outcome of the deficiency of vitamin D9 in the body of an individual and it has also been proven that the production of Vitamin D from the light of the sun can be described as a selective force for the color variations in the skin of any individual from any other individual. People with a dark skin tone often think that if they don’t cover their skin in sun , the rays might make their skin tone get even much darkened, but it has been proven that the people with a dark skin tone need much more vitamin D from the sun as compared to those with a fairer skin tone. So the people with a dark skin tone need to be aware and act accordingly.


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